2018: upcoming Patreon projects

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

First, let me say that Patreon is already giving me more joy than anything I’ve done in a well over a decade. I haven’t felt this fulfilled, creatively, in all the years I’ve been writing and publishing books.

I already have a great group of patrons and am close to one hundred dollars a month! This puts gas in my creative engine like you wouldn’t believe. I have my sights set on gathering and engaging with many more patrons, and publishing more offbeat books than I ever have so far. So much seems possible now.

Allow me to share some of my Patreon page developments:

Thank you for joining my community and contributing to an independent writer’s brazen scribbles. Your patronage makes it easier for me to publish unique, devious books for rascals, rebels, and assorted rapscallions. By becoming my patron, you’ll have access to exclusive blog posts, special editions of my books with content unavailable anywhere else, early drafts of upcoming works, and more. If you want daring, innovative books, you’re in the right place!

First tier rewards (bar tab rascals):

A dollar per month gives you access to my exclusive Patreon blog posts. It also warms my fingers as I write and put out a vast quantity of material bursting with subversiveness into the world. More whiskey, more fun! And you’ll have the option of pre-ordering special editions of my books, only available to patrons.

Second tier rewards (old school gang):

With your five dollar per month contribution, you’ll receive a monthly one page printed newsletter plus a one-of-a-kind, mystery instant photograph right in your mailbox, along with a form that will allow you to order books directly from and signed by yours truly (rediscover the joy of sending money orders!). You’ll also have access to my exclusive Patreon blog posts and all previous rewards.

Third tier rewards (library boost circle):

Twenty-five dollars a month will get you a special edition, signed copy of each new book I publish, before the books are available anywhere else! You will receive these special edition books before I make them available to patrons in other reward tiers. I’ll even jot down secret notes for you here and there in your copy. This tier also includes all previous rewards.

So, special editions with a bunch of extra material, and all kinds of goodies await my Patreon patrons.

I’ve also decided that some stories will be available exclusively to patrons, such as my upcoming serial book story about Dracula/Victor Frankenstein (I did a Twitter poll on story ideas)—oh, the adventures and angst and romance I have in store for those two!

Let me say that I LOVE writing alternate history. I’m having a blast with Mozart (whom I adore) and Salieri, and will soon introduce a mystery character into the mix that will take this particular serial book story to a whole other level of wild. And I’ve loved Dracula and Victor Frankenstein for decades; writing a story about those two will be total bliss. I know exactly how their story will begin, and once again, it’s going to be an outrageous ride.

I have a story idea for a Goldilocks/Red Riding Hood tale, too. Because they’re yummy. And they will, obviously, be ADULTS in my story.

The first reward tier gives readers access to these special projects!

Patrons will have access to all my new titles before anyone else does, and new titles on Patreon, as I previously stated, will be special editions available nowhere else. I’ll be setting up a pre-order system once I have a new special edition title ready.

I’m already blogging on Patreon quite a lot, and I’m discussing all sorts of matters close to my heart over there. I’ll be sharing first draft excerpts of upcoming books there as well. This week, I’ll be writing about my motivation for writing stories like Wolfgang, and let me say that personal liberation is a major factor.

If you know anyone who might be interested in the type of books I write, do let them know about my Patreon! Sharing gives more resources to independent creators, and generates imaginative content.


I am feeling such empowerment and creativity. I am invigorated, on fire.

My non-fiction works will also be available as special editions to my patrons before they’re listed anywhere else. Since patrons are contributing to my work on a monthly basis, I am determined to give them non-fiction extras, content, and stories that will be available nowhere else.

After I finish the first Mozart/Salieri serial story book, I’ll write and publish Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian, and then a slew of works, including more Mozart and Salieri adventures, obviously, Masterful: Severus Snape, A Jar of Cockroaches, and Me, my Dracula/Victor Frankenstein project, and so on and on.

My priority will be publishing books for my Patreon patrons. This will be my main focus.

Upcoming titles will be short, between thirty and sixty pages. Copies ordered through me on Patreon will be cheaper than Amazon regular editions. Small books are less expensive, and cost less to ship. This is why I will publish “serial story books” and short non-fiction books. I strongly believe in creating REAL material; digital is fine for blog posts, but I want to put real books out there. There is a difference.

Other things that will be available to patrons: exclusive self-portraits.

I will be lavishing the fruits of my creative efforts on those who are enthusiastic about my vision and writings; those who want to be an active part of what I do and are hungry for more. Patreon is, furthermore, a wonderful platform for communication. I am deeply grateful to everyone who’s been joining my Patreon endeavor. Greater resources will mean I’ll have less stress, more energy, more stability, and the means to create more bold non-fiction and unique, non-mainstream fiction.

This week, I’ll be sending the first issue of my monthly old school newsletter to patrons. This month, I’ll be writing my article for Satan Superstar as well.

I’m off to write. Being indoors is more delicious than ever, may I add, because it’s been downright glacial over here.

Oh, and here’s how I celebrated New Year’s Day: I acquired two fabulous vintage polyester shirts for my collection (re: self-portrait photo sessions).



The best to all of you in 2018!

Say cheese.