I’m improper

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

So, I’ve been on my Patreon page more and more. I love blogging there, posting updates, sharing photos.

Some days, I’m really tired of Twitter. The levels of ludicrous on that platform are at an all-time high, and it’s exhausting. Exasperating. I was watching a recent episode of South Park last night (the North Korea/Tweek episode—I almost died laughing), and it highlighted how nutty Twitter can get. It’s just one freak out after another.

Nuance is lost on that platform for the most part. Fuck. Half the time I’m on Twitter, I’m like, “People, take a lude or something.” The Offense Cavalry. There’s a mob for everything on Twitter.

Yeah. Have fun with that.

Life is waaaaay too short for this shit.

And then, there’s the crass stupidity. Only so much one can take without going mad.

I’m sticking to the interesting areas of Twitter—the odd zones. Gimme that weird 70s stuff. With a generous portion of Satanism, please.

Instagram is a platform I’d find more enjoyable if it were more computer-friendly. I don’t like using my smart phone much as a rule. My posting on Instagram is, therefore, rather sporadic. One of the best things about it is how useful it can be to create intriguing self-portraits.

Patreon is a platform after my own heart. Today, I shared a swatch of the fabric that will be used to make my Mozart costume (a post reserved for patrons).

This week, my number one priority is my article for Satan Superstar. And speaking of the publisher of Reprobate Magazine, here’s what he had to say about Rascal: “Very impressive. Much recommended.”

Once my article is in the bag, I’ll be all about Wolfgang and Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian.

And now I need to lie down, because I just had some delicious shepherd’s pie with liberal amounts of red wine and I’m going to fall asleep on my keyboard.

Say cheese.


2 thoughts on “I’m improper

  1. I still enjoy Twitter, mainly for music, but I’ve followed too many anti-Twitler accounts and, as you say, the daily feed of histrionics gets to be exhausting and depressing. All that, in addition to my watching too much CNN, is toxic for my health and well-being. I don’t want to just stick my fingers in my ears and yell na, na. na. na in the hope of not having to hear any more bad news, but until the voters get off their asses and VOTE all those fools out, we’re stuck with Agent Orange and his Rethuglican enablers, and there’s nothing I can personally do to change the situation. Sigh…


    • I find that the crazy has been coming from all sides these days. It gets to be too much. I scroll past and ignore, I enjoy the fun stuff and 70s photos. On days when I’m more tired, I get more exasperated. On days when I’m relaxed (often the case), I scroll, scroll, scroll past the nuttiness and enjoy what I want to enjoy.

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