exclusive Patreon booklets, MeWe, spring

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

I’m a page away from completing the April exclusive Patreon booklet Cork Board. These booklets, written in the same vein as Corner Store Epiphany, will only be available to my valued Patreon members.

In these booklets, I’ll write distinctive, vibrant, upbeat stories of survival. I’ll write about how I fought through difficulties, and how I came out on top. About how you can prevail in your own unique way as well. These Patreon booklets will be a buoyant celebration of this life.

Patreon members are getting new rewards, such as my artwork (copies or originals, depending on the membership tier).

The second and third tiers now have a limited membership. The numbers I set may be reduced as I determine what’s manageable.

It’s finally starting to warm up around here, and spring is in the air. Everything is much better than it was last year at this time, I can tell you that. The weather, life in general.

Warmer days will yield new self-portraits.

Yesterday, I joined a fantastic new platform, MeWe.

It’s like a mashup of Twitter and FB, though much more fabulous.

MeWe respects its users’ chosen identity (I’m not “less authentic” there because I prefer using a name that’s not my “real” name), its users’ privacy. It’s desktop friendly, unlike Instagram. It doesn’t censor content the way Twitter and FB do—especially the latter.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I absolutely despise everything about FB. That platform continually reveals itself as utter garbage, and its creator is a lying prick. FB is horrible; it’s always been horrible. I’m thrilled that the younger generation is actively shunning it and its constraints. FB’s gaping maws won’t devour the Internet after all, or wholly succeed in turning it into a dull as shit strip mall where everybody loads their cart with the same “safe,” cookie-cutter, consumer-friendly tripe; a virtual seigneurie where admittance requires you to become an exploitable vassal (Zuckerberg essentially fucking admitted as such). Twitter is fine as long as you avoid much of it (the mob scenes in particular) and don’t suddenly do something it doesn’t like (because of ill-defined, variable reasons). At least Twitter is wilder than FB. But then, anything would be wilder than FB, the mildewed high school yearbook of the Internet. The chaperoned office “party” of the Internet. The obligatory family reunion with people you barely remember of the Internet. The “acceptable,” mandatory uniform Internet. The monitored, take you by the hand Internet.

MeWe is also better than LJ, in my opinion. LJ is another time, long long ago. Another mindset. I’ve moved on from that.

Trailblazers, independently-minded people, eccentrics, join me on MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/logos.pilgrim

Unlike what I’ve done in the past on other platforms, I plan to limit how many contacts I’ll accept on MeWe. Nowadays, I respect myself, my time, my skills, and I prioritize.

In other news, I’ll have photos of my Satan Superstar article soon; my copies are on their way to my mailbox. What a pleasure and honor it was to participate in this project.

Say cheese.