sensual, solitary, serene

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

As some of you may have heard (if you follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts, or are Patreon members), my Patreon account is now classified as “adult content” because of “implied nudity” or whatever:




At any rate, I’ve decided that Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care. So my Patreon members can look forward to more asexual sensuality…

For instance, that’s what they’ll get when I take portraits featuring this Killstar choker (which I ordered the other day):


In other Patreon related news, I’m sharing Wolfgang over there with all members (first, second, third tiers).

Statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, located in the Burggarten in Vienna

They say I want to kill him.

I’ve heard the outlandish rumors going around the city like vermin. I can sense the furtive, sidelong glances cast in my direction whenever I attend any function of note lately.

Not that he’s been present at the fine social gatherings where higher classes enjoy being seen. They shun him, those aristocratic bootlickers who sway according to the whims of the Imperial Court, and they have the audacity to believe I’ve harmed the fading prodigy.

People say I’m jealous of him. That I envy his talent, his brilliance. This is, of course, all too accurate.

I did envy him. I still do.

Il maestro divino

For more, join the club.


Oh, and speaking of Mozart, the red and gold outfit Nezumi is crafting for me will be utterly mind-blowing. It’s getting closer to completion, so, more photographs on the horizon.

I’m posting on Patreon more and more. Yesterday, I shared a photo of the absolutely fantastic milk-themed pencil cases that arrived in the mail that morning. Slices of life while I’m working on various projects and books. October and November will be all about Masterful, which I want to publish before the holiday season. Also, I will be creating stand-alone, highly illustrated exclusive zines for my third tier Patreon members. My regular zine, Stay Home Vagabond, is an ever increasing source of delight to me.

I’ve been greatly enjoying my violin classes, and I want to make macramé again this fall (I’ve missed doing this). I adore my lair, my various collections, my tranquil life.

Say cheese.


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