70s Festive Holiday Extravaganza, tarot, life improvement

Although the past couple of weeks have been a bit tough (many appointments, severe shoulder pain and the anxiety attack that went with it, furnace problem and the PTSD spike that went with it, early snow), my 70s Holiday Bubble has been even more glorious this year than it was last year.

I began right at the start of November. And I’m so glad I did. One month wouldn’t suffice to enjoy the bliss of the Festive 70s environment I created in my cozy home.



I’ve filled the house with delicious scents and sparkling joy. I’ve gotten boxes of Pot of Gold chocolates, Black Magic, After Eights.

Classic holiday albums have been playing on my turntable, my 1975 Eaton’s Holiday catalogue is on the coffee table. Total Environment delights. Presents are wrapped in cheerful paper and displayed beneath the tree. One of these gifts from me to me (“It’s just what I wanted!”) is something I hadn’t had since I was a kid: a Barbie doll. But not any old Barbie: a stunning, 70s-tastic 2018 Holiday Barbie.


It’s the perfect touch to my 70s imbued Festive Season.

I love sitting in the living room, with the fireplace station on the television, while gazing at the happiest tree I’ve ever had. The beautiful, glittering, colorful but much smaller tree I had there last year is now in my lair, because this year, one tree simply wasn’t enough.

All of this has been so sweet to me… It’s sumptuous.

In other news, because I’ll be focused on Masterful for the next two or three months, my Stay Home Vagabond zine has been temporarily put on hold (producing it is more time consuming than I’d anticipated, especially since I expanded it); during this book writing and publishing period, my second and third tier Patreon members will receive Quiet Times newsletters and Mini Poster Prints.

As part of my most recent life improvement strategies, one thing I’ll be doing much less effective immediately is social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram. Twitter has become a maelstrom of negativity and downright lunacy, and whatever one shares there is almost immediately swallowed up by the tsunami of input that is Twitter (of course, that’s the idea: it’s so you keep tweeting and trying to stay on top of the endless barrage of tweets, a virtually impossible “task”). I’m exhausted by this. Utterly. I’m sick to death of it. And Instagram is… meh. It’s very app oriented, and I dislike using my smart phone. On top of that, Instagram actively limits the number of followers who actually see one’s posts (unsurprising: the loathsome FB platform acquired IG).

I’m just… I’m so fed up with it all. It’s life draining. It sucks your energy dry. And for what? I’m rather over this internet Sisyphus deal. I’m not interested in trying other platforms (I’ve already done that ad nauseam).

The world of Twitter and the real world, the material world, are two vastly different things, and I much prefer the latter.

Yesterday and the day before, I was in full recuperation mode due to the stress of the last two weeks. I jotted down notes, enjoyed delicious food, watched movies, relaxed. I barely touched social media, and I felt, well, happier in general. I’ve been ambivalent about social media, social networks, for so long, and increasingly so these past few years… From now on, I’ll be using Twitter mostly to share links to my latest Patreon and WordPress (logospilgrim.com) posts. When I do photo sessions with my phone, I’ll share the results on Instagram.

My online activity will center around Patreon and this website. If you like what I do, if you’re interested in my books and art and photography, please follow this website (via WordPress or email) and/or my Patreon account (some of my Patreon posts are accessible to non-members).

When I want to let my thoughts wander and look at happy things online, I’ll be on Pinterest.

My preferred way of staying in touch with friends is by subscribing to their blogs (via email), or becoming a member of or following their Patreon accounts. Note: I don’t do the YouTube thing much.

So, there it is. I’m going to focus on what works for me.

I’ve been getting back to tarot, to reading it professionally (which I did many years ago). This has been a source of immense pleasure to me. Once I picked up the tarot again, I realized how much I’d missed it.




I created a tarot page here on my website (still under construction), but I will be giving precedence to live readings. I’ll have a limited number of reading appointments per week.

More Masterful news soon. And eventually more Mozart story news as well.


6 thoughts on “70s Festive Holiday Extravaganza, tarot, life improvement

  1. I personally dislike the entire holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and lasting until Dec. 26, for too many reasons I won’t go into here. But I applaud your immersing yourself into them if it brings peace, joy and contentment into your life. I wish it did for me, but alas…

    I do, however, share some of your sentiments about social media. It’s dangerously addictive, becoming too much for me to bear some days, and most definitely drains my energy trying to keep up with it all. I jumped into it all headlong in an attempt to help promote my blog, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the time, effort and headache. On the other hand, social media had enabled me to meet many wonderful souls like you, so I guess it’s not all bad. The key is learning to step away from it now and then, and not allow it to consume our lives.

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    • When I was a kid, X-mas was one of the very few days we were around 95% sure there wouldn’t be any screaming and being terrorized by the maniac. So it was a good day. Then, later on, it was a time I loathed because I had to see said maniac (which I did for the sake of a loved one); it was like being a vet going back to the front lines. As Pink Floyd sang, “The flames are long gone but the pain lingers on.” And for a long time, I didn’t know that I was suffering from PTSD; this illness explains in part why my reaction to this yearly “jolly gathering” was so intense and why the situation in question caused me such profound anguish (the other reason being that we’re talking about a malignant narcissist whose behavior was still cloaked in a veil of “normalcy”).

      Now, fortunately, I no longer have to deal at all, in any way, with the maniac. So reclaiming the holiday season, making it my own, cleansing it and filling it with everything that makes me happy, has been extremely important to me, and healing. It’s a celebration of my liberation, and at times a revenge you might say: my joy is a revenge, a declaration of independence. I erase past torment and replace it with my fierce self-celebration.

      Social media… It’s had some good aspects, but lately they’ve been submerged by the negative ones, negative aspects that have a damaging impact on me, and I’m no longer willing to jeopardize my mental and emotional well-being for a social media “presence” (whatever that even means). It’s simply too overwhelming, too invasive. I don’t have the energy to keep up with it anymore. It drains me. Often it demoralizes me, or it stresses me, or makes me sad and anxious. It agitates me. Or wears me out more than I already am. I’m tired of this pointless struggle. As far as promoting my work on social media goes… It often feels like crying out in the midst of a hurricane. I’d rather focus on Patreon, and this website. Already my brain feels like it’s working better, as it were. I’m going to share links to my Patreon posts and website posts, and that’ll be about it. I’ve had a pained relation with social media for years now, and lately, I’ve been putting a firm emphasis on what works for me, on self-respect. To me, an exchange like this one on a blog is so, so much better. It’s not like swimming against a strong current, never moving forward, waves crashing down on you. It’s like I’m finally saying, “These are my terms, and I honor them, and myself, at last.”

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  2. Thank you for your candid and detailed response LP. My feelings about the holidays have a long and complicated history. My earliest memories as a young child were happy, but later on, my father’s alcoholism and the consequent fighting between my him and my mother over his drinking during the holidays put a damper on more than a few Christmases. After they split up and he remarried, my mother became overbearing and possessive as to who my sister and I would spend more time with at Christmas, which caused us terrible stress, and me wishing the damned holiday would disappear from the calendar.

    She died when I was 25, and within a year I became involved with the man who I’ve been with ever since. And guess what – his birthday is fucking CHRISTMAS DAY!!! He has a and more positive outlook about Christmas than I do, though I wouldn’t call him a fanatic about it. All these years, I’ve generally (though not always) tried to put on a happy face for his sake, and we’ve always done a reasonable amount of decorating for the holidays (with the exception of two years ago when we were both so despondent over the election of a cruel, narcissistic, lying sociopath to the U.S. Presidency). His own mother died in 2012, and he has a complicated love/hate relationship with his father, which now causes him to stress out more than me at Christmas.

    I generally find the whole commercial aspect of Christmas repulsive. I’ve long resented having to try to figure out what gifts to buy for certain family members out of obligation, and now that we’re all older, we buy gifts only for the children. Michael and I usually get each other a few gifts, and try to keep it reasonable and simple. Also, the responsibility of sending out Christmas cards has always fallen mostly on me, and I find the entire process to be a colossal pain in the ass. Every year I say I’m not sending any more Christmas cards, but once they start arriving in the mail, I feel guilty and then have to run out and buy a box or two. And so it goes…

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    • Thank you as well for sharing those times of your life with me! I deeply empathize. At my end of things, X-mas was one of the few days the maniac would “behave.” On that day, I was fairly certain he wouldn’t start screaming and threatening my mother for whatever mysterious reason struck him at any given time. But later on, as an adult going to those wretched “family” holiday dinners, it was like sitting next to a bomb that could go off at any moment. I’d left because I didn’t want to be anywhere near that man, right? My hypervigilance was through the roof during the one time of the year I had to see him, though I didn’t know it at the time. And I felt as though I were the only one who was aware of this reality: that he was terrible and that the whole thing was terrible.

      And here’s an interesting coincidence: Mr P’s birthday is on X-mas day as well!! He’s not into birthday celebrations much, but I always get him a little something (he never wants anything, but he knows it makes me happy to give him a small treat!). We’re happier eating delicious food and enjoying a supremely quiet day, you know? I don’t send any cards anymore (I give a few, like to my mom and sister, and I do send one to Robert and Nancy Englund, and this year I’ll send a card to my second and third tier Patreon members, it’ll be my own artwork), and keep the whole thing simple… I used to send so many cards, but I just can’t do it anymore; it’s too exhausting. Those close to me aren’t into the gift thing, but I find it fun, so for the past few years, I’ve gotten a pile of gifts for myself, ha! It’s just so much damn fun. Again, it’s self-care, self-celebration, and a big giant “fuck you” to everything that made me miserable when I was younger (and throughout my existence, actually). Like being a kid, minus all the crap that left me with so many psychological scars.

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