the scent of 2019 is in the air

There are a number of things on my 2019 list. Priorities, projects.

The first project: a daily writing journal. I’ve already been writing a page a day in my “daily activities” agenda (next year will be the fifth year I’ve been doing this), so the daily writing journal will be natural and smooth, a non-stressful, non-draining, steady way of working on various writing projects.

I got this journal yesterday at the local dollar store.


I’ll be sharing much of what this journal will contain with my Patreon members. Which brings me to the 2019 list: Patreon will be one of my main priorities. I update this website blog around once or twice a month, but I write Patreon posts much more often. In 2019, Patreon topics will include my books (obviously), living with PTSD, genderqueerness, creativity, introversion and solitude, the 70s, self-care and self-respect, toys, music, Mozart, violin playing, the art of indulging oneself, living one’s best life… just to name a few.

Apart from cannabis (see “living with PTSD” above), Patreon is one of the top things that have had a beneficial impact on my existence this year. The material/emotional support I get from members who believe in my work and enjoy it, their enthusiasm, contributions, participation, and encouragement—it’s all absolutely priceless to me on many levels.

I have a limited amount of time and energy. Patreon members will enjoy the bulk of my creative efforts and endeavors. A number of my upcoming books (such as Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian) will only be available to members.

I’ll continue using Twitter to share links to website updates, Patreon posts, and the very occasional tweet and RT. I’m more present on Instagram (although it’s now, alas, owned by the loathsome FB, Instagram was wisely left alone—so far, anyway—which is one of the reasons I still use IG).

Facebunk: my opinion of it remains the same. Dreadful platform. I want nothing to do with it. I won’t bow to it. I’m proud to live my life without it. Oh, and apparently said platform, which is terribly shocked by naughty bits, now also targets “vague suggestive statements” and the mere hint of sexy talk as against its policies or whatever.

“First Tumblr bans NSFW imagery, now Facebook bans NSFW *words*!!” tweeted one user on Wednesday.

Imagine if something like this had happened on Livejournal during its heydays. The furor! Won’t somebody think of the fanfic?? I remember people leaving LJ in protest against less blatant puritan pearl-clutching and “investor-friendly” sanitization/normalization. Now, FB devotees simply swallow the pill and comply.

The “normal” Sunday School nanny Internet: what smashing fun it is. But at least you can keep up with distant relatives you haven’t seen in thirty years, and that kid from Elmsdale Elementary (what’s his name again?), and the intelligence-challenged prom queen who harassed you back at good ol’ Suckballs High. And advertisers know everything about you: convenient! Thank you, O Almighty Facebunk. Peuple, à genoux, attends ta délivraaaaance

Seriously, I have lost touch with friends because I’m not on FB, and more people might know about my work if I were there… but I’m willing to pay the price not to be on that platform. Because I think FB is terrible.


Rascal: A Manifesto is the foundation of all my upcoming books. No other work of mine means more to me than that one. I’m grateful to everyone who has acquired a copy, read it, shared their impressions of it, recommended it.

Rascal with a new, rapscallion like-minded friend:


Speaking of naughty things and fabulous books, here’s a lovely tome devilish types will want to add to their library immediately:


Fred is one of the most delightful fellows you could meet. Buy his book here: Homo Satanis

In other news, tomorrow will be five months since I had the monthly crud. Yep, the whole fertility garbage I never had any use for is well on the way out.

I’m still enjoying my 70s Holiday Extravaganza in a fierce, fierce way. I got a Barbie Townhouse (damn you, Barbie!). It’s wrapped and under the tree: a glorious sight if there ever was one. I will be playing with it.

ETA: well, apparently something might actually be taking place after all these months re: reproductive crud. No wonder I’ve been feeling so lousy and drained these past couple of weeks (it wasn’t only because I had to have my damn right ear irrigated at the clinic again). We’ll see tomorrow but even if there is something, if it’s anything like last time it won’t be much…

And on that charming note, I think it’s time to call it a night a get some rest.


2 thoughts on “the scent of 2019 is in the air

  1. Hey! Long time no chat. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and identify with your thoughts on Facebook! I could not possibly agree more with your analysis. Twitter is much more my speed, but its still a cesspool these days and my activity there has decreased considerably. I will look you up on Instagram in a bit and am sorry to have not done so sooner.
    Anyway keep up the good work! We’re vacationing for a couple weeks so I hope for a little more writing time.
    By the way, I actually packed Rascal this trip, hoping my teenage son will give it a read. Its a longshot, but if anything has a chance of peaking his interest it could be Rascal.
    Take care!

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    • Hey there! Always so lovely to see you. Let me know what you IG handle is!

      And yes, FB. In my opinion, it almost single-handedly destroyed what the Internet once was. I’m glad young people are shunning it in ever increasing numbers. But most won’t rebel against it, as if there’s just no way to live without it or something “so we have to do whatever FB wants,” which makes me all the more determined to reject that platform. Twitter used to be fun… For some time, however, it mostly made me stressed out and blue; I’m more cheerful now that I spend way less time there (I’ll check accounts like 70sdinnerparty and the CoS, and share a few links, but that’s about it). And look at what happened to Tumblr (horrid platform that it was to begin with): apparently, it’s fine to be a raging psycho there, but don’t you dare show a booby bit now!

      I’ll be on Patreon (which at least worked hard to find a way to let so-called “adult content”—you know, “implied nudity” etc haha—remain on its platform), and here, and IG, and most importantly, enjoying the “real” world, know what I mean?

      And thank you so much re: Rascal! I have a feeling your son will enjoy its deviousness, haha 😉


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