July 2020

Here we are in July, and the situation is pretty much unchanged around here. Mr P is still home, and we almost never leave the house. Things have improved in my neck of the woods, but the blithering idiocy of some particularly brainless, disease-spewing humans continues to be rampant in most places—and it’s never been more blatantly, spectacularly obvious as it is now. So my desire to be anywhere save my personal haven has never been lower. I do look forward to the days when Mr P and I can search for 70s treasures at flea markets again, but that won’t happen until next summer at least.

For a while, I watched the local news to see how everything was going—any improvement?—but then I put a total stop to it since even the more sedate local news are about 10% actual information, and the rest is toxic, fictive speculation on repeat that does little more than wear one down. Who needs this? You can tell that every now and then, they wonder what novel problem (and usually imaginary at best, but always POTENTIALLY WORRISOME) they can throw in there, for variety… And then, when they broadcast the real idiocy of teeming clumps worldwide, it’s enough to make one mad.

I can’t wait until the first vaccine becomes available, and the media can pointlessly drone on about whatever crisis they latch onto next. “Everything is bad, and the worst is yet to come” is their entire raison d’être. You know, mixed in with the occasional “cute animal story” and “let’s treat evidently psychopathic, drooling imbeciles as though they aren’t” interludes.

I’ve been feeling steadily better since I went on my news blackout. And drawing/painting more.

What I wrote about in Masterful is, more than ever, my sulphuric modus operandi.

Masks are here to stay for me, even after we’re on the other side of this crap. During flu season especially. At any rate, my throat is always sore in the winter due to the cold weather, and a mask will ease my discomfort, even more so than a scarf. Also, they’re most pleasingly private.

In the meantime, I’m looking after me and my own. I’m doing what I need to do, I focus on what’s important to me.

I share content and have exchanges on my Patreon more than anywhere else, because when there’s a fee to access one’s content and creative endeavors, time-wasters and life-suckers are about nowhere to be found. Twitter and Instagram are fine, in moderation.

Here’s a photo I took last month, to celebrate my 51st birthday. I love those gorgeous, glittering Satanme medallions… I had to have the green one, of course. The next one will be silver.


And here is the latest issue of Infernal Ink Magazine, where I’m featured in The Author Bordello. Deep gratitude to its editor and publisher, the gracious Reverend Hydra M. Star.



I’ve been experimenting with various mediums, art-wise, and favorites are being selected. My art supplies include a growing assortment of alcohol inks, colored pencils, and brush tip markers, all lovingly and carefully organized.

Here’s a colored pencil illustration, Serpent Prince Crooked House.


I had a tremendous amount of fun creating this one. Many of my upcoming pieces will feature tiny rooms filled with tiny things. This piece is 8X8 inches. That I’d wind up drawing the kind of things I spent hours drawing when I was a kid, this I didn’t see coming, but oh, how it’s worked out for the best… It makes me so viscerally happy.

Alcohol ink works, with Hoppy Bun.

Cherry Balloon, 9X12 inches. I used acrylic paint for the clouds in this one, because I was still getting a feel for how the alcoholic inks look on canvas, and some shades are darker, more opaque than others; the first thing I tried didn’t work, hence the acrylic paint solution.




Sweet Cool Skies, 8X10 inches. Here, I had to lighten the purple with extender, because the color turned out to be more opaque than the rest.




I’ve also begun experimenting with markers on wood; very enjoyable. Organic. More on that next time.

I’m about to start working on a 9X12 piece, an alcohol ink painting that will have fruit homes with tiny rooms. I can hardly wait to see how that sort of illustration will turn out on canvas. I have another piece that I’ve begun to sketch, a Serpent Prince piece, I won’t say more yet because it’s going to be a gift, 11X14, with many tiny rooms.

I’m not creating as quickly as I’d like, I’m still exhausted by All The Things. But it’s been getting better, slowly but surely. Thank fuck for cannabis; without it, my PTSD symptoms would have reached “nothing less than a padded room will suffice” levels by now. Mr P has been wonderful (it almost goes without saying, though I prefer to say it), the very best of life partners. He’s taken excellent care of me, he’s cooked countless amazing dishes, baked delicious treats, we talk and laugh… His introverted type of presence has made all the difference to me during the Great Zombie Apocalypse of 2020.

Those classic zombie movies are so spot on… I can very much relate to those “boarding up the windows” scenes.

So anyway, things are mostly good where I am. I draw and paint, I relax, I take care of myself and those I care about, I write in journals, I write for my Patreon members. Even though I paint ultra colorful, fanciful illustrations and mostly write about my days and philosophical matters, I’ve kept my Patreon at “adult content” (which happened due to the artful, “implied nudity” photos I’ve shared now and then—who knew a displayed hip and hidden breast could be so dangerous) because that way, I can share the content I wish to share, I can speak my thoughts, I can write naughty/forbidden/outrageous words as I please. The Internet is a Nanny World now, you know, a G-rated Prohibition Mall, except here and there, in rare corners where few dare venture. So I avail myself of said Internet to my advantage, however is most useful and pleasant to me, and that’s it.

Time for art and relaxation.

Look after yourselves, masterful individuals.


8 thoughts on “July 2020

  1. I’m glad your laying low and taking care of your physical and mental health. It’s wonderful you have Mr. P as a life partner who nurtures and cares for you so well. Who’d have thought 2020 would be such a shit show! You’re fortunate to at least have a human being (and a handsome one at that!) as your leader. He may not be perfect, but compared to the venal, incompetent and cruel narcissist in the White House, he’s a friggin’ saint! Stay well.

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    • Shitshow is the word for 2020 all right… I’m indeed most fortunate to have a partner like Mr P. And Canada is fortunate to have a Prime Minister like our current Prime Minister. I shudder to think what might have happened had that inept prick Scheer been in office. I think that in the beginning, Trudeau was overwhelmed by what was happening, as most people were, but then he quickly enacted policies to assist all those who would have been completely fucked otherwise. It’s important to elect people who have a brain in their head, eh? Some criticized him for his “long silent pause” (I don’t need to tell you what that was about, right?), but I am among those who believe that silence CAN speak volumes, much more so than words ever could. Sometimes, yes, silence is the best and most searing response.

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  2. Its good to hear you sounding relatively positive. I’m assuming that is helped at least a little by living north of the border. Its dark here in the US, at least for some of us. If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, its so far away that I feel I’ll never get to see it. Be good to yourself.

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    • I’m really sorry about the catastrophe that’s going on in the US… I hardly know what’s happening right now because of my news blackout, but before I put it in place, I could well see that everything was going down the shitter where you are. But hey, at least the Rapture is imminent, right? *massive eyeroll* Let us hope that humanity may draw some lessons from all this, but do most humans ever learn anything? That is the question. In the meantime, masterful persons take care of themselves. We’ll emerge from the tunnel before long. No storm lasts forever, no matter how bad it is. Be good to yourself as well, treat yourself, indulge yourself.

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    • You’re most welcome, and thank you… I hope you’re doing okay where you are too. I can’t wait for the holiday season… I’m having the 70s-est Xmas ever, ohmycrap.


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