new Rubber Clown Car album now available

You can now purchase a digital copy of the fabulous new Rubber Clown Car album on Bandcamp! Featuring the album cover I created for it:

I’ve also added the piece to my Redbubble store.

It looks great on all kinds of things, like prints and posters… And this marvelous tote bag:

Since it’s June and Pride Month (warm wishes to all my fellow asexual, bi-romantic, genderfluid queers, and all my other rainbow friends), I’ll be working on my Rainbow Cake miniature dream world. Stay tuned.

Here I am wearing my white H&M dress, which I’ve dubbed the Holly Hobbie wedding dress. It’s like wearing a cloud. It’s longer on me than on the tall model (I’m just 5’3″), and I’m going to pair it with my old fashioned burgundy booties.

I have a number of other lovely dresses and accessories on the way. My traditional birthday photo session (later this month) is going to be a massive amount of fun this year. I’ve always gone back and forth between tomboy and petite doll looks, and after years of favoring my tomboy side, I’m now very much in the mood for petite doll.

Once I’ve had my second Pfizer shot (it was supposed to be at the start of September, but it’s going to happen sooner, announcements will come this week), and I feel okay leaving the house again to do regular things, I’m going to get my growing hair evened out at the hairdresser’s, and I may well get it dyed strawberry blonde, which is what it looked like when I was little. It would be fun, and I’m in the mood for fun.

2 thoughts on “new Rubber Clown Car album now available

  1. Happy Pride month! I don’t know whether I’ve ever told you (think I have) that I’m gay. I look forward to seeing your Rainbow Cake miniature dream world. I love the artwork you created for Rubber Clown Car’s album. It’s just perfect! Now listening to the album, and it’s terrific as always.

    On a completely different subject, I’m a bit shocked that Canada is so far behind the more typically incompetent U.S. in getting its citizens fully-vaccinated. I received my 2nd shot in early April, and most people I know who are not dipshit anti-vaxxers have also gotten both shots. I hope you get yours sooner than September.

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    • Happy Rainbow Month to you as well, you dear lovely person you! I’m so happy you love the cover art, and yes, the album is absolutely wonderful, as is always the case for Rubber Clown Car 🙂 And yes, Canada had a tough time for a while there. This is because the Conservatives destroyed our vaccine manufacturing industry, and then the Liberals did nothing about it. There were delays in getting the vaccines at first, but now finally we’re making great progress… The strategy was to give as many people as possible their first shot, and delay the second. Now that we’re getting way more vaccines in, all the provinces will be able to shorten the interval between doses… I’m hopeful Mr P and I will get our second shot in July, early July even. When we’re fully vaccinated, my relief will be utterly indescribable. Soon, Canada will start producing vaccines again. It quickly became crystal clear that this isn’t a luxury, it’s vital.

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