Even though the region where I live has begun its fourth wave, I feel better and better each day. I’m less anxious, my energy is progressively returning.

Mr P and I are fully vaccinated. We got our second shots in July. I had a stronger reaction to the second shot than to the first, but I didn’t mind in the least.

Around three weeks ago, I began venturing in the outside world again now and then, doing little errands during the quietest times of the day. It’s been going well. Quebec has instituted a vaccine passport and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this.

Soon, I’ll set up an online store using the Square platform. I’ll have miniature world pendants, signed postcards, journals, original pieces, etc. Stay tuned.

My hair finally got evened out by my hairdresser a couple of weeks ago; now it’ll just keep growing until it’s chest length.

I continue collecting lovely dresses, necklaces, frilly socks… Selling miniature world art while looking like a doll are two things that go very well together.

Here are a number of portraits I took of myself these past few months. Depending on the light, my hair looks darker or lighter… It’s a kind of golden chestnut color with touches of shimmering silver white. In most of the photos below, it looks dark. I decided against getting it dyed.

And here, after getting my hair evened out at the hairdresser’s. In this light, it’s closer to my natural color. She took off a little bit (I’d hacked off two inches of split ends and blarg myself, you can see the results of that in the fourth and fifth photos), and now it’s much better behaved. I’m going to see my hairdresser every four months or so to get the ends trimmed, but otherwise, it’s going to grow and grow.

More art soon.

Late summer is a wonderful time of the year; so tranquil. I’m also looking forward to autumn. I’ve started adding fall dresses to my wardrobe, a lot of plaid, more florals, lace… It’s immensely enjoyable.

I’m not much for makeup, but lip gloss appeals to me. Next spring, I imagine I’ll be able to wear some when I bring my art to local shops…

Slowly but surely.