spring forward

Yes, it’s been a while.

Things had been improving last autumn, then Omicron hit, and things promptly went right back down the toilet. Restaurant reservations disappeared during the holiday season, then dining rooms shut down yet again at the start of January. Just when Mr P was set to go back, the Crackpot Crapvoy arrived and it was another month of hardship for us, waiting for the lunatics to get cleared away from downtown while various levels of government (Gong Shows) demonstrated their utter uselessness and absurdity.

Then our situation radically improved when Mr P was hired (on the spot, and he started the day after his interview) somewhere closer to home, away from the downtown core, with good hours, a good work environment. We’d hoped his previous workplace would come through with its promises of better conditions, and its failure to do so, especially after what we’d just been through, was the absolute last straw.

Slowly but surely, we’re beginning to recover from the whole sordid mess that was 2020/2021 and the first months of 2022. Needless to say, I am actively ignoring “the news,” better described as “your misery is our business” (there is no other way to describe their so-called purpose).

Right now, my focus is increasing my miniature world art portfolio.

First, I had to do some clearing and reorganizing and getting my personal environment back in order, as it were. Now I no longer feel that horrid “I sat on the couch for almost two years, holding on to the shreds of my sanity because it was all I could do” feeling when I look around my home. The mere fact that I had the energy to sort out my library and dust shelves and get rid of this and that was profoundly therapeutic. I sorted my closets, mementos, journals, photos… I love it when my treasures are “just so.” I love it when things are carefully, neatly organized.

I exorcised 2020/2021/2022 right out of the house. It was necessary to my well-being and creative process.

Baby steps.

It’s with unspeakable joy that I can share the following: my art is available at the exquisite shop The Village Quire.

This photo was taken in March; the snow has since melted, I’m happy to say.

And here are my journals, and a signed and framed 16X20 print of Hot Chocolate.

This lovely raspberries mug was next to my Hot Chocolate print; I brought it back home as a memento the immense joy of seeing my work at The Village Quire gave me.

Molly told me that someone who was very interested in the framed print had taken a photo of it! That made me indescribably happy.

I have my sights set on pendants at Sérénithé next. As I said, baby steps.

My goal now is, as I said, to continue increasing my portfolio and have cards etc ready in time for Halloween and Xmas. I want to create happy miniature summer worlds.

My social media activity is at a minimum, where it will stay. My main online “art activity” platforms are Patreon, and this website. I am much more interested in selling my art locally than online (most online shops targeting creators are “design and promote our products for us and we’ll give you a nickel for every dollar we rake in” rackets). I have lost interest in time/energy-sucking virtual thingamabobs. Social media’s message to artists etc that we “must” have an “online presence” and be a “brand” is total poppycock. They can take their algorithms and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine as far as I’m concerned.

I own my time, my life. I have had it with digital El Dorados and tedious “social” soapboxes.

I’m aiming for Xmas re: my first local market table. In the meantime, having my little art cart at a couple of select local festivals is a possibility.

When things are more “regular” again, I want to draw at places like Café Mulligan every week.

Analog and local are my modus operandi.

Here are portraits I took before the holiday season… That red velvet dress is so beautiful.

A more recent photos, featuring another delightful dress.

I am very much ready for cheerful strawberry dresses and so on… Waiting for warmer days.

Today, miniature worlds art, listening to favorite CDs and vinyls, and being devoted to myself and all that I love and enjoy. This is my priority.

I know what I want and need in life more than I ever have. Anything that’s not on my list of priorities simply doesn’t matter to me anymore.

What matters to me is living deliciously, on my terms.

4 thoughts on “spring forward

    • It’s gratifying beyond words!! I am SO grateful to Molly for adding my art to her treasure chest of a shop… Wishing you marvelousness (as much as possible!!) for the rest of 2022 and all the years to follow! We could sure use it, eh?

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    • It’s so much better to establish clear boundaries and strong priorities, isn’t it?? The more I do this, the better my life gets too… So very utterly happy to see you here. When I was sorting through my cherished mementos, I was thinking, with deep fondness, of friends like you those times we gathered at conventions, and missing you fiercely… More tiny art and joys ahead!


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