summer 2022

And, once again… It’s been a while.

As the rest of the planet remains neck deep in its continual (and tedious) meltdown, my own focus remains self-care and self-preservation.

My art has been selling at the splendid shop The Village Quire, and I’m getting items ready for Halloween and Xmas. This is my top goal right now. As is adding a few local shops to the list of places that feature my miniature worlds. At some point, I’ll gather my pieces in a book, but I’m in no rush… A calendar for 2024.

Other goals include a new book. I’m aiming for a release around Halloween 2023.

I’m no longer putting unhealthy pressure on myself to get a book written quickly. I didn’t think I’d write another one, but then this one came to me, and it’s going to be an enjoyable project without a doubt.

I’m toying with the idea of a yearly publication that would be called Petits Fours: Fine Diableries for Select Individuals. I think this would be interesting, but it’s still an “if.” The first issue wouldn’t be published until around end of April 2023.

I had a lovely birthday and took lovely photos to celebrate (including the author photo on the back of Doll Witch).

I love that white dress so much. It’s like wearing a cake.

Speaking of which, I have been baking cakes on a weekly basis.

It’s part of my Easy Bake Oven life philosophy. Note: I recently acquired a fabulous vintage olive green Easy Bake, exactly like the one I adored when I was a kid. It’s on display next to one of my favorite Silly Sculpts—a girl wearing a pretty dress, holding a cake, with cook book behind her. Perfection.

I have also been enjoying my new Nicoletta Ceccoli tarot deck, and general witchery. In a way, I’ve come full circle, except I’m much happier these days. My tarot and witchcraft are for me and close ones at the moment… Eventually, I’ll expand my practice to include a limited list of clients.

My main social media platform is, as ever, Twitter. I share pictures on Instagram once in a while, but I still can’t stand that platform and its wretched algorithm (which makes the feed virtually useless; I don’t even try to keep up with it) and censorship. I did join Pillowfort as a kind of backup. Otherwise, I’m on Patreon.

I recently added a small inverted pentagram on my right arm.

You can’t tell from the photo, but the pentagram is a sweet shade of pink.

So that’s what’s been happening. Mr P and I are keeping to ourselves and very much living our quiet Lair Life, away from the turmoil and noise.

Stay tuned for my upcoming miniature world art pieces. I’m working on my 80s-esque “Boom Box” world right now, and then I’ll turn my attention to “Candy Pumpkin.” After that, “Festive Tree” and other Xmas-themed worlds.

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    • You’re so kind, thank you so much! Indeed, staying firmly in touch with one’s inner child is one of the healthiest things… And I’ve been feeling good and re-energized ever since I gave myself plenty of time to write my next book, and spend much of my time focused on my miniature art, and empower myself with my various witchcraft methods… Everything has been coming together beautifully 🙂

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