Body Art

Many of these photos were taken right after the inking was finished. Tiffany Thornton (Hellbound studio in Gatineau) is the gifted artist who’s done all of my pieces.

Screen grab of Robert Englund’s hand during a scene from “V” (his character, Willie the Visitor, had just had some of his fake human skin ripped off):

I’ve always been an outsider.

Mr. Englund loved this piece so much that he placed my hand on his cheek at Flashback Weekend 2014 in Chicago! Here’s my flabbergasted expression (thank goodness for the glass of scotch I was holding *laughs*):

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That’s his hand holding my leg there. His wife Nancy took the photograph. This was right before he signed the ink.


His signature was inked a few hours later.


Where did that glove come from? Why, this photo:

Here’s some healed ink for you…