Ottawa Comic Con 2014 countdown

Kind readers,

this is a week of fabulousness, mercy.

Ottawa Comic Con is now only days away… Eep!!! All I have to do this week is put the finishing touches on my Mr. Confab cosplay. Presents have been bought, and I’m set to die of joy at Robert Englund’s feet 😉

I will also be meeting the wonderful Sv Bell there! I’ll be asking him to sign the two first issues of his fantastic Silverblood comic, and the first issue of Realms of Fear, which I have and which is an unadulterated horror delight.

And I want to say hello to the great Malabar folks… There will be a slew of incredible people at this convention.

To top it off, today I got a box full of treats from a lovely Twitter friend, Bricklayer Bosh, who’s the lead singer of one of the most fun up and coming horror punk bands around! Look at all the goodies!

Note: one of their songs is called “Sinister T-T-T-T-Twinkies!!!”

Click on the image below to listen to all the terrific songs on their EP, “Rise, HWhores, Rise!”:

I’ll be blasting this in the car, I can tell you.

In other news, I’m going to be turned into a zombie by the talented Byron von Rempel… Check out his Kickstarter campaign. You can be turned into a zombie too! I can’t get enough of his drawings.

Speaking of awesome campaigns, support a true champion of indie creators, Patrick J. Russell, by backing his upcoming “dark existential comedy” One Pink Muscle to Go (click on the cover):

I keep meeting the friendliest, most ardent and creative people on Twitter—authors, musicians, artists, filmmakers, enthusiasts, etc—and will be sharing more of their exciting projects in future posts 🙂 For instance, there will be news about an amazing comic book series by E.J. Cedric, The Dying Breed, a film by Crash Palace, Case #5930 —I could go on.

I’ll be starting work on Specimen very soon. I’ve written a number of notes, and the novel will be even more whacked out than I imagined it would be. Fun fun fun! And my editor is polishing up Outlaw in the Land of Perfection even as I write this.

Oh! And my copy of Heartstopper arrived today too. I’ll be watching it tonight or tomorrow!

I almost forgot: I took some self-portraits a few days ago. Author photos, right here…

Aren’t I a groovy little bugger? I’m having a good time, at any rate 😉

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

2014: a very good year

Kind readers,

last night, I finished polishing up my Outlaw manuscript, and it’s now in the hands of my wonderful editor! The book will be published in June or the start of July at the latest.

In other happy news, I recently designed a new bag for myself. It will be accompanying me on my numerous summer and fall adventures… I scanned part of my Freddy sweater, and used the image as the background.

When you have a good bag, you’re ready for anything.

Less than two weeks left until Ottawa Comic Con! My excitement levels are phantasmagorically high.

This summer, I’ll be going to Flashback Weekend in August…

If you live in Chicago and would like to join me for a meal, only ask! I always love meeting people.

In September, I’ll head for Montreal Comic Con.

Then, in October, Monster-Mania, here I come! I’m in Robert Englund heaven, I tell you. I’d like to cosplay Dr. Anton Rudolph (Python) there.

The hotel rooms have been booked, the passes obtained; I only need my plane ticket to Chicago now.

While my editor is working on Outlaw, I’ll be writing the first draft of my first horror/speculative novel, Specimen. I’m going to do my darndest so that it’s ready in time for Monster-Mania. I’m very much looking forward to writing my Dr. Gabriel Foster’s dark tale…

On the trips I told you about above, I’ll be joined by this lovely fellow:

He’s very keen to hit the road with me. He needs some fresh air and a few laughs.

My calf ink has healed beautifully; Mr. Englund looks perfect!

I also recently got this done on the back of my left hand. It’s my ultimate tribute to Willie the Visitor, and to all outsiders and outcasts:

As usual, Tiffany did a magnificent job. I am now a friendly Visitor always.

Stay tuned for a lot of fun times, shenanigans, and outrageousness! This week, I’ll be trimming my Mr. Confab beard… Watch out!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

ink worthy of the man

Kind readers,

so I was at Planet Ink tuesday, and Tiffany did the most amazing portrait on my right calf… I still can hardly believe this stunning piece is on my leg now! I keep having to look to make sure, and goodness, yes, there it is 🙂

She took this photo right after the portrait was finished—the inking lasted about seven hours.

Robert Englund tattoo 2And here’s a quick shot I took the next day, after I removed the bandages… You can see how marvelous his hand looks, and the fantastic details on his bracelet:

Robert Englund tattoo 3

As the piece heals, it will look lighter and softer. His beautiful wrinkles, eyes and beard will pop.

Everyone at Planet Ink is amazing. Matt, the shop owner, even brought me a bowl of his homemade Spanish rice, which was delicious. Heartfelt thanks to everyone there, especially the über talented and lovely Tiffany Thornton, who has been gracing my body with top notch art for at least three years now.

My next appointment with her is on April 1st. She’s going to check if Mr. Englund needs any touch ups, and she’s going to turn me into a Visitor. Remember when Willie got the fake skin at the back of his left hand ripped off during The Final Battle, and his green scales were revealed? That’s what we’re going to do; the ink will be based on a screengrab of a closeup shot. This ink will also have mystical significance (surprise!). Willie, at the time, was being despised and rejected, so the ink will mean, “Look, if you’re going to be despised and rejected for what you are, then I am what you are too.”

Needless to say, I am looking forward to Ottawa Comic Con more than ever! My cosplay preparations are going very well, too. I got my Mr. Confab hat the other day, and it’s perfect.

I have also determined what gifts I am going to give Robert to express my gratitude for his kindness and celebrate his upcoming birthday. Frankly, he deserves to be showered with gifts. One of them is this very cute and funny Heart of Gold plush by a company aptly named I Heart Guts. In “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer,” his character is forced to swallow a terrible black heart of evil, but I think that a heart of gold is what Robert Englund has…

In other news, I am almost halfway through the second draft of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection. It’s all good 🙂

And speaking of writing, how’s this for bad ass encouragement?

Every writer needs a mug like that, I’d say! You can get yours at The Rumpus.

Also, I have been making excellent friends over on Twitter. One of them is Sv Bell, whose kickass comics I now receive in the mail. Wonderful art, great stories. I also now have a banner here on that links to his website, where you can see awesome B movies and independent films 24 hours a day:

I had lots of fun stuff to share with you!

Today, I’m going to rest a bit more… Getting the ink was wonderful, but also exhausting, whew. And it’s freezing again outside. I can’t wait for spring.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

free-spirited exuberance

Kind readers,

I just added this to my profile over on Livejournal:

I am stepping away from the very formal way of writing I’ve been using lo these many years. The time has come for me to express my thoughts in a looser, more exuberant and free-flowing manner. I’m at a different stage of my life, and experiencing new things. I have new realities to share 🙂

I’ve definitely been going through a rollicking period of change. But, it’s a natural evolution based on my previous life experiences…

I’m coming out of another cocoon.

I’ll be sharing this process in my upcoming book of essays, A Princely Calling: The Mystical Secrets of Severus Snape. I have been thinking of his influence as I emerge from one state into another; it’s there, but different in a number of ways. He has been following me throughout my transformations, and he’s going through his own transformations in my mind as well—I see him in a new light. This is yielding fascinating insights for me. It’s exhilarating.

I plan to have this book ready in time for MISTI-Con 2015. It’s going to be another fabulous gathering.

In two weeks, I am going to get this portrait of dear Mr. Englund inked on my outer right calf (I changed my mind and opted for this photograph, which captures his mischievous spirit so beautifully, even as he has aged, also beautifully):

This is going to be very fun ink, and will symbolize the free-spirited exuberance I’ve been embracing. Something before is becoming something after.

I was listening to a song by Urban Myth Club last night, and it expressed my joy, my way of seeing life, the universe and everything so well…

We’ll be together
I feel it in my heart
I don’t need to hear you say
You don’t have to say a word

This is my love song to everything.

Or, to quote Alan Watts, “The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor


Kind readers,

my decision not to go to Leaky 14 was a good one, especially considering how brutal winter has been so far. The relentless cold weather has been draining me of energy and demoralizing me, to be honest.

But, thankfully, LUSH has come to my rescue! I visited the shop while wandering on the market the other week, and since then I have been turning my bathroom into a LUSH spa. Using their products has been helping me to relax, and has uplifted me… So far, personal favorites would include the Butterball bath bomb, Fairly Traded Honey shampoo, and Sympathy for the Skin body lotion. Marvelous things they are.

In other news, here is a detail of the first sketch Nezumi did for the image that will adorn the cover of Outlaw in the Land of Perfection:

I love the way she is bringing my two heroines to life! Her artwork is amazing.

I have begun working on the second draft. This book, my first novel, is my current priority.

Lately, apart from A Princely Calling: The Mystical Secrets of Severus Snape, I am finding myself reluctant to write non-fiction. My tarot deck project is on hold at the moment; when I do get back to it, I shall probably redo the first three cards.

I have had a tendency to take on too much at once without fully realizing it. But I have been endeavoring to adopt a healthier, less draining approach, and have been tackling less projects.

Those who have been curious about Blessed: How to Be a Joyful Mystic can now read the first half of the book here. In that book, I share my spiritual journey, and describe the process that has brought me to where I am at this point in my life.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor