staying put and brainstorming

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, the “relocation to an old house in the country” project didn’t pan out, for various reasons (become one of my Patreon members for a dollar a month and get more details).

But it was for the best, so Mr P and I are doing very well.

We’ve brainstormed a bunch of home improvement ideas, the vast majority of which involve our indoors environment (what a shock). Most of these ideas will result in minor changes here and there, and there’s going to be some cleaning (especially the basement, which will soon be the home of a Body Opponent Bag for exercise, a beneficial surge of endorphins, and therapeutic stress release. And Krav Maga practice).

The main change will involve a room switch. It’ll be a much better use of space on the left side of the house, where the bedrooms are.

I’m going to move my room into the master bedroom, and Mr P will have his bedroom in what is now my room. He’ll have more storage space for his books and collections (he’ll inherit a number of my bookcases), and therefore more space in his office/tv room, and I’ll have much more space to move around in my new lair. I’ll lose some wall space because of a large window and big closets, but I don’t mind. I’ll use my wall space for shelves and a careful selection of my favorite pictures (95% of the pictures on my walls won’t be in my new lair).

The sorting and cleaning will do me immense good. If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s organizing things. I’ll be going to IKEA to get four new bookcases (mostly for my toy collection); I’ve meticulously measured and mapped out where everything will go in my new lair. It’s going to be awesome.

My Patreon members will see in-progress photos as well as photos of the finished room before I share (some) of these photos anywhere else.

So it’s all working out for the best. We’ve lived here for a long time, and it’s worked very well for us. It’s not a house in the country, but it’s close enough. Everything we love and need is nearby, and it’s so much less complicated this way.

In addition, my ability to tolerate stress has pretty much become next to non-existent.

Some of the changes I’ll be making will enable me to turn the living room into a temporary guest room, something that was really important to me (I have one very specific person in mind). We also plan to turn half of the closet space in my new lair into a tiny powder room (I saw this really neat toilet that has a sink on top of the tank; it takes next to no space).

Mr P and I will also be getting noise reducing headphones. We’re extremely quiet people, and although we live in a quiet neighbourhood, there’s more activity in the summertime now and then, as is the case in most places (kids playing baseball, that sort of thing)—but with noise reducing headphones, we won’t notice.

We’re both excited about our room switch project, and all the little changes we discussed will give us immense delight.

And we’re more united than ever.

As soon as I’m settled in my new room, I’ll be happily writing my days away. Stay tuned.

Say cheese.




Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, I’ve had a lot on my mind these past few weeks.

It involves a possible unexpected move to a house in the country, an hour from here.

It’s been difficult for me to focus on anything else, as you can probably imagine. There are a lot of “ifs” and “maybes” still, and we’ll have a better idea in a few weeks if this indeed happens or not. Offer, clauses, inspection, etc.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a fabulous photo of 70s décor.


Say cheese.


I’m improper

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

So, I’ve been on my Patreon page more and more. I love blogging there, posting updates, sharing photos.

Some days, I’m really tired of Twitter. The levels of ludicrous on that platform are at an all-time high, and it’s exhausting. Exasperating. I was watching a recent episode of South Park last night (the North Korea/Tweek episode—I almost died laughing), and it highlighted how nutty Twitter can get. It’s just one freak out after another.

Nuance is lost on that platform for the most part. Fuck. Half the time I’m on Twitter, I’m like, “People, take a lude or something.” The Offense Cavalry. There’s a mob for everything on Twitter.

Yeah. Have fun with that.

Life is waaaaay too short for this shit.

And then, there’s the crass stupidity. Only so much one can take without going mad.

I’m sticking to the interesting areas of Twitter—the odd zones. Gimme that weird 70s stuff. With a generous portion of Satanism, please.

Instagram is a platform I’d find more enjoyable if it were more computer-friendly. I don’t like using my smart phone much as a rule. My posting on Instagram is, therefore, rather sporadic. One of the best things about it is how useful it can be to create intriguing self-portraits.

Patreon is a platform after my own heart. Today, I shared a swatch of the fabric that will be used to make my Mozart costume (a post reserved for patrons).

This week, my number one priority is my article for Satan Superstar. And speaking of the publisher of Reprobate Magazine, here’s what he had to say about Rascal: “Very impressive. Much recommended.”

Once my article is in the bag, I’ll be all about Wolfgang and Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian.

And now I need to lie down, because I just had some delicious shepherd’s pie with liberal amounts of red wine and I’m going to fall asleep on my keyboard.

Say cheese.


2018: upcoming Patreon projects

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

First, let me say that Patreon is already giving me more joy than anything I’ve done in a well over a decade. I haven’t felt this fulfilled, creatively, in all the years I’ve been writing and publishing books.

I already have a great group of patrons and am close to one hundred dollars a month! This puts gas in my creative engine like you wouldn’t believe. I have my sights set on gathering and engaging with many more patrons, and publishing more offbeat books than I ever have so far. So much seems possible now.

Allow me to share some of my Patreon page developments:

Thank you for joining my community and contributing to an independent writer’s brazen scribbles. Your patronage makes it easier for me to publish unique, devious books for rascals, rebels, and assorted rapscallions. By becoming my patron, you’ll have access to exclusive blog posts, special editions of my books with content unavailable anywhere else, early drafts of upcoming works, and more. If you want daring, innovative books, you’re in the right place!

First tier rewards (bar tab rascals):

A dollar per month gives you access to my exclusive Patreon blog posts. It also warms my fingers as I write and put out a vast quantity of material bursting with subversiveness into the world. More whiskey, more fun! And you’ll have the option of pre-ordering special editions of my books, only available to patrons.

Second tier rewards (old school gang):

With your five dollar per month contribution, you’ll receive a monthly one page printed newsletter plus a one-of-a-kind, mystery instant photograph right in your mailbox, along with a form that will allow you to order books directly from and signed by yours truly (rediscover the joy of sending money orders!). You’ll also have access to my exclusive Patreon blog posts and all previous rewards.

Third tier rewards (library boost circle):

Twenty-five dollars a month will get you a special edition, signed copy of each new book I publish, before the books are available anywhere else! You will receive these special edition books before I make them available to patrons in other reward tiers. I’ll even jot down secret notes for you here and there in your copy. This tier also includes all previous rewards.

So, special editions with a bunch of extra material, and all kinds of goodies await my Patreon patrons.

I’ve also decided that some stories will be available exclusively to patrons, such as my upcoming serial book story about Dracula/Victor Frankenstein (I did a Twitter poll on story ideas)—oh, the adventures and angst and romance I have in store for those two!

Let me say that I LOVE writing alternate history. I’m having a blast with Mozart (whom I adore) and Salieri, and will soon introduce a mystery character into the mix that will take this particular serial book story to a whole other level of wild. And I’ve loved Dracula and Victor Frankenstein for decades; writing a story about those two will be total bliss. I know exactly how their story will begin, and once again, it’s going to be an outrageous ride.

I have a story idea for a Goldilocks/Red Riding Hood tale, too. Because they’re yummy. And they will, obviously, be ADULTS in my story.

The first reward tier gives readers access to these special projects!

Patrons will have access to all my new titles before anyone else does, and new titles on Patreon, as I previously stated, will be special editions available nowhere else. I’ll be setting up a pre-order system once I have a new special edition title ready.

I’m already blogging on Patreon quite a lot, and I’m discussing all sorts of matters close to my heart over there. I’ll be sharing first draft excerpts of upcoming books there as well. This week, I’ll be writing about my motivation for writing stories like Wolfgang, and let me say that personal liberation is a major factor.

If you know anyone who might be interested in the type of books I write, do let them know about my Patreon! Sharing gives more resources to independent creators, and generates imaginative content.


I am feeling such empowerment and creativity. I am invigorated, on fire.

My non-fiction works will also be available as special editions to my patrons before they’re listed anywhere else. Since patrons are contributing to my work on a monthly basis, I am determined to give them non-fiction extras, content, and stories that will be available nowhere else.

After I finish the first Mozart/Salieri serial story book, I’ll write and publish Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian, and then a slew of works, including more Mozart and Salieri adventures, obviously, Masterful: Severus Snape, A Jar of Cockroaches, and Me, my Dracula/Victor Frankenstein project, and so on and on.

My priority will be publishing books for my Patreon patrons. This will be my main focus.

Upcoming titles will be short, between thirty and sixty pages. Copies ordered through me on Patreon will be cheaper than Amazon regular editions. Small books are less expensive, and cost less to ship. This is why I will publish “serial story books” and short non-fiction books. I strongly believe in creating REAL material; digital is fine for blog posts, but I want to put real books out there. There is a difference.

Other things that will be available to patrons: exclusive self-portraits.

I will be lavishing the fruits of my creative efforts on those who are enthusiastic about my vision and writings; those who want to be an active part of what I do and are hungry for more. Patreon is, furthermore, a wonderful platform for communication. I am deeply grateful to everyone who’s been joining my Patreon endeavor. Greater resources will mean I’ll have less stress, more energy, more stability, and the means to create more bold non-fiction and unique, non-mainstream fiction.

This week, I’ll be sending the first issue of my monthly old school newsletter to patrons. This month, I’ll be writing my article for Satan Superstar as well.

I’m off to write. Being indoors is more delicious than ever, may I add, because it’s been downright glacial over here.

Oh, and here’s how I celebrated New Year’s Day: I acquired two fabulous vintage polyester shirts for my collection (re: self-portrait photo sessions).



The best to all of you in 2018!

Say cheese.



Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

2018 is nearly upon us, and I have a lot of writing in store.

In January, I’ll be writing my article for the Satan Superstar issue of The Reprobate magazine. I’ll also be working on my book about the glorious, self-indulgent, decadent joys of solitude, namely:

Old canvas book cover

I’ll also be writing a short novella. I’ve already begun working on it, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to write. This right here:


It’s a completely imaginary story (with a few historically accurate tidbits, but mostly I’m indulging my fancy) about Mozart and Salieri. It won’t be overly explicit, but it will be sensual and extremely romantic. And fantastical. I’m using a few elements from Amadeus (which itself borrowed heavily from myth, outrageous hearsay, and an opera about Mozart and Salieri), but reworking them extensively to my own liking and purposes. I’ve wanted to write fiction about those two for a long time…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Rascal is the book that set me free.

In other news, after some hesitation, I’ve launched a Patreon page.

It’s the first time I’ve done any type of “support my work” donation thing. There are several tiers, and I may add more in the months to come, possibly. I’m going to continue updating this blog, my main blog, a couple times a month; the rest of the time, I’ll blog on my Patreon. Those special blog posts will be accessible to my patrons only (those who contribute to the $1 a month tier). The encouragement I’ve received on Twitter convinced me that setting up a Patreon page was an excellent thing for me to do.

I am worthy of it. I deserve it. I’ve worked hard, for a long time, and I’ve acquired a great deal of experience over the years, doing what I do.

Note that this is also me right now, after creating said page:


In all seriousness, I’m fabulously happy I finally had the nerve to do this. I almost didn’t, because of the recent Patreon kerfuffle (among other reasons, such as “who the fuck am I to ask for patrons”), but thankfully they backtracked, did away with their disastrous new policies, and apologized profusely to their users. So… Here we are ACK.

This is going to help me create in all tranquility. I’ll write even more. Writing is my focus.

If you’d like to become a patron, the link is:

It is cold as you-can’t-even-imagine over here right now. Being indoors rules more than ever. Tomorrow morning, with the windchill, it’ll feel like -40º Celsius. It’s going to take a number of days before it starts “warming up” in my neck of the woods.

Mr P is in the kitchen making me some food as I type this, to calm me down. My heartburn has kicked it up a notch again. Hahahaha.

I’ve come a long way to be where I am, and I’m happy. I’m proud.

Say cheese.


Rave Rascal Reviews

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

This afternoon, I feel moved to share the first reviews Rascal: A Manifesto has gotten over on Amazon.

Laugh, cry, get angry, and fall in love with Logospilgrim
By Mike A Klotz on on December 6, 2017
This is the second book I have read from this author. She is raw, powerful and emotional. This book truly is a manifesto. Which anyone might use as affirmations and encouragement to break away from whatever chains may shackle you. It’s not what you expect but it is probably what most of us need. I challenge you to read this book and not be moved into looking closely at your own personal demons.

Permission granted to be yourself
By Michael Sieber on December 9, 2017
I’ve read several books by this author, all of which I enjoyed, but Rascal is special because it’s a powerful, simple and direct message that encourages people to embrace who they are and to not let themselves be controlled or ruled by those with small minds and prejudices. If you’ve ever been told to stop being you, this book is your permission slip to vigorously and unapologetically decline and embrace that which makes you unique. If society deems you to be an oddball, this book is for you.

Brazen and unashamedly brilliant.
By Clay Graves on December 4, 2017
“Rascal: A Manifesto” is the perfect title to this book. It is the sun’s rays spotlighting Vampiric abusers of this world and beyond. Showing them for their true horrific and manipulative selves that they are. And they cannot hope to hide from her wrath as she has her phoenix moment of clarity and freedom. Logospilgrim has fast become a favorite artist of mine and I highly recommend her to anyone who has even the faintest glimmer of hope to finding the path to loving oneself.

No regrets
By serenity on November 12, 2017
An unabashed proclamation of humanity and all that goes with it. Logospilgrim asserts her self against those that would seek to take that away. This book is a call to unapologetically be the person you always wanted to be.

By MB Holmes on November 14, 2017
Manifesto indeed. Direct and full of heart, this book forces the reader to consider what it means to value oneself in a sea of those who squelch personal fulfillment and happiness.

These words mean a whole fucking hell of a lot. I am extremely grateful to all who have begun sharing their enthusiastic thoughts about the book on Amazon, and thereby helped me get the book out there. Others have ordered a copy and tweeted, “I can’t wait to read it!!”

This is the best gift you can give an author. Especially an independent author.

It makes a real difference.

I got myself some celebratory t-shirts today. Here’s one:


I believe that Rascal CAN be my first book to get over 50 Amazon reviews. This would be… phenomenal. Nothing could describe the exhilaration I’ll feel when this happens.

Even a sentence is enough. ONE SENTENCE.

Do we want a world with bold, original, indomitable voices? If so, strong, unconventional independent voices must be celebrated.

I’ve worked for a long time, I have fought to break the barriers that would have contained me and ultimately couldn’t, and my voice is worth being celebrated. I start by celebrating it myself.

I’ll continue to write, and be what I’m not “supposed” to be, and encourage bold, like-minded individuals to live their power. I will dare, and dare, and dare.

If you’re among those who were born to be bold, don’t dream it, BE IT.


I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m so glad I’ve reached this point in my life. I’ve forcefully rejected anything that would deny me my identity and individuality. I have wrenched myself from the illegitimate clutches of those who fear self-emancipators and free-thinkers: we devils. I rejected oppressive notions more and more with each step forward, with each snapping bond, with my increasing awareness of the forces that shaped my mind—and I used all of this to claim my life. And as I fought and made progress, my circumstances themselves changed, which facilitated yet more beneficial transformations that brought me back to my glorious, vital, rascal self.

I’ve taken the hand I was dealt and learned to use it to my full advantage, thus making the very best of my own existence in all of its aspects. I have learned to be a magician. I’ve turned problems into gifts; I’ve turned impediments into opportunities. My gold, I’ve polished to a blazing shine.

And this is why, as I write in Rascal, I am mine.

Say cheese.



Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

December! Already. But it’s delightful. So quiet; at least, in my world it is.

This month, I’ll be working on my article for The Reprobate’s special issue Satan Superstar, and on my next book that will celebrate the glorious self-indulgent joys of solitude, Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian. If anyone’s ever gotten on your case because you enjoy being alone, because you prefer being alone, you’ll relate to this book.

And now, allow me to share the cover of my upcoming book about Severus Snape. I scrapped Severus Snape and the Art of Being Human because I’ve outgrown that book. So, new title, new cover, new focus.

As I’ve said before, it’s going to be my last “me & Snape” book.


This book will be a celebration of individuality and self-respect. I’ll write about how my understanding of Professor Snape evolved over the years, and how he helped me move through radically different stages of life. In many ways, this book will illustrate views that are the opposite of ideas I explored in my first three books about him, namely Bring Forth the Best Robes, The Flawed Master, and The Severus Snape Paradigm—the first two especially.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, in my upcoming book Masterful, I’ll talk about why Severus Snape is such a controversial and divisive figure in the Potter world (and fandom). And the problem isn’t that once upon a time, he joined the Death Eaters.

The reason many still argue about him, his worth, his motives, is centered around the key to his identity. His defining characteristic, which is where all of his power resides and why people either love or hate him, relate to him or despise him.

Obviously, I won’t tell you what said defining characteristic is here. You’ll have to read the book, which I’ll be writing this winter.

I will share this: one of the things I’ll write about in the book is that he isn’t Dumbledore’s, or Voldemort’s, or even Lily’s.

All of this will be linked to how I’ve awakened to my own power.

As I wrote on Twitter, I am a goat. I have always been a goat. I was born a goat. I’ve never been on the right side of anything. I cross the line. I am the line, my line, an ungraspable line.

In other news, the colder months have been extremely sweet to me this year. I’ve been savoring the kind of blissful tranquility I hadn’t tasted in a long time. I live my life according to my rules now. I’m therefore much happier: I’m who I am.

There is something about me that has always been untamable, and nowadays it has free reign. It’s no longer impeded; it has burst free and it’s greater than before.

In other other news, net neutrality. Can it be saved? I have no idea.

To me, the Internet started dying when Facebook steamrolled all that was cool and unique online, replacing each creative space with its bland, uniform, terrible, devouring, “acceptable” pseudo-Internet instead. I tried countless platforms, hoping to find the Internet I once knew there, but again and again, I encountered an almost total lack of will for anything different; the almighty Jailbook is “easier.” Twitter had more room for creativity and subversiveness, but recently it’s become another bleak, nasty place (yet Twitter now clutches its pearls when users utter naughty words like “fuck”), unless you avoid most of it.

Mastodon has potential, but then again, so did Imzy, and it’s gone.

The Internet is no longer a place for nuance, for expression, for originality. It’s just another strip mall with half a dozen Starbucks, a cafeteria that serves canned peas and greasy, day old French fries and stale tacos to the bored masses that only seem to want more of the same. The “Internet” is a place where the majority of people are like the crowd in an episode of South Park: “Rabble rabble rabble!”

The Internet has been reduced to Facebook, Twitter, smaller platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, and dispersed blogs. And shopping.

Seriously, is there any point in weeping over the loss of net neutrality anymore? The corporate overlords have, for the most part, already taken over.

Here’s a related phenomenon, a phenomenon I find unpalatable: the popularity of the “Minion” films. Who the fuck wants to be a minion?

If net neutrality is compromised, maybe that’ll wake people up and we’ll see an Internet Renaissance. Or not. Who knows. In any event, should the former occur, I’ll continue tweeting, I’ll share pictures on Instagram, I’ll blog here. I may eventually start blogging on Patreon, where I have an account and support other fellow creators; this is a possibility.

The main thing is that I’ll continue publishing books, which will be on Amazon and here on my website, a WordPress blog.

The more time I spend offline, the less time I want to spend online in general. Offline, I read books, I listen to music, I write, I enjoy life. I used to enjoy myself online, but the Internet I once knew simply is no more, or it’s just barely there. Sometimes I wonder if it was ever really there. Or if I’d go back to what it “used” to be, for that matter.

This may well be why I enjoy blogging here.

I saw a meme of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on Twitter that sums up the Internet to me these days: “deviation from the norm will be punished unless it is exploitable.”

I am not exploitable.

When I wrote Rascal: A Manifesto, it was to proclaim that I am done with bullshit.

I’ve recovered the essence of who I am, and I’m stronger because of how much I fought to liberate myself from all that would have robbed me of my self, my individuality, my vitality. The essence of who I am, like a potent fuel, is burning brighter than it ever has.

Here at least
we shall be free; the Almighty hath not built
Here for his envy, will not drive us hence:
Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
to reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

Say cheese.



Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, and dealing with other issues (such as experiencing acute peri-menopause symptoms, which have been seriously interfering with my sleep), and although I only have two Krav Maga classes left, I won’t be able to finish the course; as stubborn as I can be, I simply haven’t been well enough this month. At least nowadays I have too much self-respect to completely drive myself into the ground.

I plan to take more classes this spring, after a reclusive, solitary winter.

This has been an exceedingly challenging year for me. There have been incredible changes; this has been excellent in many ways, but a number of these changes involved phenomenal amounts of stress.

I took this photo yesterday. I had a haircut that morning, the most social I’d been in a while.


Many thanks to all who have been acquiring, reading, and reviewing my latest book, Rascal: A Manifesto. It would make a great gift for as many like-minded people on your Saturnalia list as possible, by the way.

Here are some exciting news: I will be contributing an article to Satan Superstar, a special issue of top-notch, outré British magazine The Reprobate.



I’m not sure is this is going to be the final cover, but:


To pre-order Satan Superstar, go here: It’s coming out at the beginning of 2018.

If you’d like to get copies of the first two issues of The Reprobate, please visit

These are fantastic, high-quality publications. Certainly not your run-of-the-mill and dull mainstream crap.

I’ll be writing about some of my weird religious experiences, among other things. So if you love my work, do pre-order a copy of Satan Superstar, which will be chock-full of exquisitely subversive and curious material by a slew of unique individuals.

I continue adding devilish books to my library. These arrived yesterday.


Like I said, it’s going to be a very quiet winter for me, and I’ll have plenty of intriguing titles to read during the grey, snowy months, with Baroque music playing in the background.

And I’ll be watching favorite movies like the surrealistic, eerie Vampyr…



This is my state of mind these days:



Which brings me to my next short writing project, in which I’ll sing the praises of self-indulgent seclusion and discuss living the truly good life.


This winter, I’ll turn my attention to my last Snape-centered book. I’ll share the new cover and title with you soon. I won’t be fucking around in that one, I can tell you. For one, I’ll discuss why Severus Snape is such a polarizing figure: why people endlessly argue about his motives, whose side he’s really on, etc. And the reason isn’t what most think it is. The problem isn’t that he joined the Death Eaters. The odds that I’ll be sharing my personal opinion of The Marauders (a bunch of pricks) is also very high.

So, on that charming note, I hope you’re enjoying November as much as I am.

Oh, one more thing: you can now find me on Mastodon.

Say cheese.