Masterful: now available

In Masterful, part memoir, infernal philosophy, empowering discourse, and bold thoughts about J.K. Rowling’s famed Potions Master, author and Snape lyricist Logospilgrim shares her story of personal fulfillment and liberation, touching on subjects ranging from religion to atheism, PTSD to healing and defiance, self-denial to self-celebration. Outrageous, poignant, insightful, irreverent, Masterful is a singular, audacious work written for outsiders, mavericks, and survivors.


You can get your copy now on lulu: Masterful: Severus Snape, a Jar of Cockroaches, and Me

It’ll also be available on Amazon at some point in February. But it is better for me if you purchase from lulu.

The morning after publication, I tweeted this:

Slowly waking up. I did wake up early this morning, felt weepy, eventually dozed off again… Happy that it finally happened, that the book is done, and I’ll no doubt cry again when the physical copies arrive and I’m holding one of them in my hands…

I put all that I had in this book. The thought that some may be encouraged by what they read thrills me. I wrote the book for myself, and for those who will be encouraged by words I wish I’d read years ago.

It’s a book that says, celebrate yourself. Become deeply aware of who you are, and walk away from those who would deny you of yourself.

There are time when it’s important and vital to be selfish. There’s such a stigma attached to this word, as though to treat oneself with dignity is tasteless, an abomination; as though to acknowledge our own importance to ourselves is “subpar.”

If I hadn’t finally learned to be important to myself, I wouldn’t be where I am now. When I started treating myself as important, as my top concern, I was able to evolve, to change the things about me that tripped me up. And what I can’t change, even that began to improve.

I’ll exult if some are emboldened by the book. I’ll take great pleasure in their joy. My pleasure is a selfish act, because it does have strings attached: it’s not “selfless.” The enjoyment others experience because of what I’ve written makes my heart do flips, it’s sensual.

I also wrote the book because of another “sin”: pride. I wrote things down, created a book, and I’m putting it out there. I believe I have an ability to write things that move certain people, that I do so with a unique poetry and perspective.

I do repeat this in the book: be proud of yourself. I write about self-preservation, about thriving, about self-reverence. Since I actively began embodying the mindset these attitudes involve, my life is so much more vibrant, joyful, and I have so much more to give.

When I wrote a sentence, I kept daring myself to do it. Over and over from beginning to end. “Be proud, be strong,” I told myself. And whatever weaknesses I have, those are fine too; I learn to juggle what I have gracefully, skillfully. Weaknesses can make you skillful.

The key is to respect yourself. It’s innate, and acquired. I have perfected my self-respect, and continue doing so. In this book, I acknowledged and respected everything about myself: my loves, my anger, my thoughts, my abilities, my failures and triumphs. And I share it all.

This book won’t be for everyone; that’s fine too. I didn’t write it for everyone. It’ll speak to some people; it’s for them. I no longer try to be all things to all people. Those days are over. Because I Am that I Am. I don’t try to squeeze myself into molds where I won’t fit.

And that’s why I have more to give than ever, because I value myself as I am, as I’ve developed. And when a person tells me that what I wrote made them feel good, that it liberated them in some ways, it’s like I freed myself all over again. It’s so powerful.

So again… If you read the book and it delights you, thank you for giving me such pleasure, the pleasure of your delight, of our lives connecting, of the pleasure that comes when minds meet, when lives entwine, leaving both parties true to their individuality. Hail Thyself.

I’m tired, but very happy.

And I’m telling you… this book has bite.

Delectable photo sessions soon, of the Prince of Serpents kind.

I’m strongly considering going to Leaky in Orlando this summer…

Stay tuned.


Coconut Atheist trilogy

Kind readers,

I’ve been hard at work on Atheist Tiki Hour. Finally.

To fight my anxiety, impostor syndrome, and procrastination, I devised a note card and writer’s planner reward system that has been working most effectively. The plane hasn’t quite left the runway yet, but takeoff is imminent.

There’s nothing like filling out cards, and nicely organized planners, to make me forget about my worries. “Am I writing crap?” “Someone’s going to read this, I can’t even.” What if this, what if that. The note cards distract me from these crippling thoughts fairly well.

I also had another idea. There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life and Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast are going to be part of a trilogy. The third book will be called Heathen’s Hideaway: Living God Free.

Naturally, I designed a spiffy cover for it.


All three of these books will illustrate my particular brand of atheism, which I’ve termed Coconut Atheism. I write about my joyful atheist life. I’m writing from the point of view of an ex-Christian and an apostate. I don’t go into great detail about why religion doesn’t work, why the so-called holy texts are flawed and nonsensical and contradictory, or about why evolution (for instance) is a fact; there are already many excellent books written on these topics.

My books will be about how my new life as an atheist is simply filled with joy. I write about my deliverance. I write about intellectual and personal freedom, in the sense that my life isn’t dominated by ancient myths, regressive and debilitating and downright cruel “divine” commands, or absurd, thought-stifling woo.

I write about having a finite existence, and how I’m content with that. Much more than that, I’m grateful and at peace and fully alive.

It’s a funny thing, being a primate with a large “oh how it fucks with you” brain. It’s funny and fun. I write about silliness. I write whatever comes to my mind.

I write about sadness, too. I write that it’s okay to be sad. Believers are sad too, and I speak from experience. Atheists don’t need to put up with being told that if only they believed, they’d be happy. Because obviously, atheists are miserable unhappy fucks, right? They “deny” the one true whatever. This is why I write about atheist joy, about the glorious moment of life that we have.

In other news, my new suit is on its way, and there will be asexy photos at some point once it’s arrived.

I recorded a test song with my beautiful Blue Nessie microphone.

I believe I’ll be recording a Roy Orbison song next.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor