new book coming out soon

Kind readers,

I began the day by crying over my keyboard.

My new book, Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast, will be released by my publisher Atheist Republic on October 1 (or close to that date).

The cover will probably be a bit different than the one I originally designed.


I can’t fully express my gratitude to Armin Navabi, who asked me last year if I’d publish my next book with Atheist Republic, the organization he founded. Immense gratitude as well to Atheist Republic’s rad editor (and talented author), Casper Rigsby.


While I’m at it, I’d like to thank the following generous and stupendous persons, without whom I’m quite sure this wouldn’t have happened. After I published There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life, they gave me unknown me a chance and interviewed me, wrote reviews of my book, told people about it…

Sean McGuire (@GodlessPoutine)—the first atheist blogger who said, “I’d love to read your book.”

Godless Spellchecker

Godless Mom

The Intellectual Saviors

Joshua Kelly, author of O, Your God!

The Atheist Pig

Mike Gorman

I also want to thank CFI Ottawa and Diane Bruce, who asked me to give a talk and who have been so supportive.

I am deeply grateful to the organizer of the amazing Non-Conference, Spencer Lucas, without whom I wouldn’t have met Armin last summer.

I’m too grateful for words to everyone who read, enjoyed, reviewed, and told others about There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard. You have no idea how much your kindness and encouragement helped me to keep going, keep writing.

Once the book is out, I will be letting everyone know!

This is the first time I’ll be getting PR assistance from a publisher, and it’s so overwhelming, I’m so utterly grateful for this that it makes me dizzy. I’ve worked very hard for a long time. Last year, I basically started over from scratch after almost a decade of writing religious/mystical books, and leaving religion behind… I started writing books from a secular/humanist/atheist perspective.

I’m exhausted. But I’ll be getting help from Atheist Republic—lovers of freedom and intellectual integrity should support their invaluable work, incidentally—and I’m excited about my list of upcoming books.

There is a great deal of joy in my life, and I’ll continue to write about it, to share it, to spread it around.

Oh, and my Unicorn and Toast character, Old Miss Grumbly, will be a regular character in season two of Peachy Fiend‘s animated series! See the very first episode here. The episode in which Old Miss Grumbly first appears will air around October 16. Stay tuned 🙂

Here I am, wearing my awesome Unicorn and Toast t-shirt (by Reasonist Ink):


So much excitement. I’m definitely going to need a nap this afternoon, especially since I had insomnia this week, not to mention my recent hives problem.

But first, I’m going to get some celebratory toys:


I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

Godless Mom’s beautiful review of Hula Girl

Kind readers,

the Non-Conference is less than two weeks away, and I’ve been doing everything I can to relax. So my toy collection has been growing by leaps and bounds 😉

I’ve also been turning into Tweek on a regular basis.

“I can’t take that kind of pressure!! AAH!”

Yesterday, I was left speechless by Godless Mom‘s kind and generous review of There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard. I’m not sure I’ve quite recovered from the shock of it all yet. She’s a wonderful and very active blogger, and I’m so grateful that she was willing to read my scribble. Knowing she enjoyed it the way she did is, I mean, I can barely describe how I feel. Her review of the book is still making my head spin.

You can also read it here: Every Atheist Needs There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard

She then asked me if I’d contacted Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, about the book, and I told her that I had sent him a copy, but that, you know, he’s a busy person and everything… To my astonishment, he joined in our Twitter conversation, and the next thing I knew, he’d shared a link to Godless Mom’s review on his Facebook Page:

You can also find it here: “Sounds like a fascinating book!”

I was extremely touched and encouraged by their support, and if I may ask this, please share the links above far and wide! It would be tremendously helpful, and encourage yours truly more than words can express.

As ever, if you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, a short review on Amazon would make a vital difference; I’d appreciate it a great deal. Thank you so much for your affection and encouragement! I’ll say it again: I couldn’t do this without you. I’ve had trouble focusing on my next book, what with the Non-Conference being so near, but I will be plunging in Atheist Tiki Hour after the conference…

Okay, goodness, I need a nice cool beverage, a snack of some kind, and a nap! I’m overwhelmed.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor