just walking the earth

Kind readers,

today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Pulp Fiction.

Do I love this film? The answer would be yes.

“I’ll just walk the earth. You know, walk the earth, meet people… get into adventures. Like Caine from Kung Fu.”

I just found out, thanks the the Mighty Internets, that I could get my hands on a most prized object: the Bad Mother Fucker wallet. Now that’s the way one celebrates an anniversary like this.

In other news…

Look at the amazing comic strip that my friend Pat McCuen, creator of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, did for me (he put me in it!!):

And here I am with the two first fantastic issues, and Pat’s Sampler (filled with goodies):

And here’s a sample of the great stuff you’ll see in issue #2…

I love his work.

In other other news, all seems to indicate that there’s going to be another great Harry Potter convention in 2016! It’s called Leviosa, and it looks like it’s going to be stupendous. I do plan on going.

I’m still very much hoping to hold my own small gathering for introverts, Quietus, in 2016! Perhaps it’ll be in September or October of that year? It’ll probably be more like a meet-up than a straight out convention. We’ll see what happens…

In other other other news, I’ve begun a new writing project. It’s a non-fiction book entitled There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life.

I’m very excited about this book. It’s going to be about my personal journey away from organized religion and Christian dogma (sin, redemption, divine laws, all of that). It’s going to be about joy and freedom, about living in the moment, about living with mystery; about driving along the highway of life, enjoying sunsets and the wind upon one’s face, dealing with potholes and flat tires, and breathing in What Is. It’s going to be about the dignity of simply being human—nothing else required.

I want this book to be available around the holidays. I’m very confident that it will be.

And then, there’s NaNoWriMo just around the corner… I’ll be writing the first draft of my horror/supernatural thriller, Specimen.

Then, it’ll be the turn of Outlaw in the Outer Reaches—I’ll have sketches of the cover illustration for you soon.

So, plenty of good things ahead! I’ll be keeping you abreast of everything 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

Kindle, comic books, HorrorFest, fan art

Kind readers,

it’s September already! Where does the time go?!

I’m very happy to tell you that Outlaw in the Land of Perfection is finally available on Kindle!


I’m very grateful to my friend Lauren who did such a splendid job formatting the e-book for me.

I’m also very grateful to everyone who’s been writing such kind reviews of my novel on amazon—your encouragement and support mean a great deal.

This week, I’ve been busy giving my website, logospilgrim.com, a complete makeover. I’ve also created website for Outlaw fans, silverheartandheaven.com. There will be special, sneak peek content over there (in a password protected section), and a bunch of neat stuff, such as Team Silverheart gear, fan art, and all the latest news about upcoming installments.

Speaking of cool things, take a look at Sv Bell’s fantastic comic book Silverblood #3:

It’s incredible, Kafka-esque work. I enjoyed it tremendously.

I’ve also fallen in love with Pat McCuen’s hilarious The Devil and Mr. Gandhi:

I can hardly wait for the next issue! Look at the fabulous drawing of Professor Snape that he did for me, too!

And I got around to writing my amazon review of MP Johnson’s weirdtastic Bizarro novel The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone, too:

Surreal, hypnotic, weirdtastic. The After-Life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone was my first bizarro fiction experience, and it certainly won’t be my last. Reading the novel was like having a rather fascinating dream, and I couldn’t put the book down; I read on, chapter after chapter, enticed by the tantalizing lure of “what could this possibly turn into next?” I had to know what would become of the boy whose relationship with his pet pig had cast him into a kind of psychedelic, alternate horror dimension. I found the final transformation of Pork Knuckles particularly intriguing and significant: one might say it’s what happens to people who are consumed by their own dark bitterness. At times grotesque, puzzling, messy, poignant or hilarious, MP’s novel is unique and unforgettable.

I very much hope that I’ll be crossing paths with MP again soon! He’s such a stupendous fellow; it was a true pleasure to meet him at Flashback Weekend this summer.

I’ll be heading for Montreal Comic Con (HorrorFest to be more specific) next week… Eep! It sounds like it’s going to be an epic gathering. After this convention, though, I’ll be ensconced in my writing nook scribbling away almost non-stop for the next six months… I’ll be writing Specimen, my first horror novel, and then the second installment of my Outlaw series. Then, hopefully, another book of mystical essays centered around Professor Snape—just in time for MISTI-Con 2015!

Before I launch myself into all that work, it’ll be a wonderful treat to say hello—yet again!—to this splendid and kind-hearted gentleman…

I love this photo so much!

What an amazing year it’s been. There is even some Outlaw fan art in existence now—can you believe it?! Goodness. This beautiful piece of chibi Silverheart and Heaven fan art was done by my talented young friend Brittany, whom I had the joy of meeting last May at Ottawa Comic Con:

I’m very proud to say that it’s now hanging in my office; I’m also quite humbled. I have fan art! Mercy. My mind still boggles at the very thought, I promise you. I can’t wait to continue writing Silverheart and Heaven’s adventures.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor