you can find me in the bar

Kind readers,

I’ve been quite busy, but I’m not rushed or feeling overwhelmed.

Which is good 🙂

I’m a lot smarter about not treating myself like garbage these days.

Atheist Tiki Hour will be finished at the start of July. I’m three quarters through the book.

In a couple of days, I’ll be giving the down payment for the Quietus 2016 event room. I’m very much looking forward to this intimate gathering of friends.

I’m tweeting a lot.

I just put a new website together, and I’ll be spending a lot of time blogging there:


New photos of my refurbished office here. Finally got around to doing that, though I used my smart phone.

I want to see The Conjuring 2 because it looks hilarious. They’re already saying that a spinoff featuring the “demonic nun” character will be made, and that sounds even more hilarious.

In conclusion:


In the very depths of my mind, I’m toying, ever so slightly, with the notion of doing an Apostate Island podcast in the distant future.

I probably need to get completely drunk so this notion is erased from my mind forever.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

news news news

Kind readers,

I’m full steam ahead working on Atheist Tiki Hour. Here’s a small excerpt from chapter one:


As far as the weather goes, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel over here. Summer-like weather next week… Oh please, oh please. I need it so bad.

“Writer at work on a cold day, being comforted by Rob Zombie.”


Speaking of next week, I’m meeting with the event organizer at the Quietus 2016 venue.

Yes, the wheels are officially in motion, and registration is imminent! I’ll be operating with a guest list registration system. If you’d like to come, email me and I’ll add your name to the list. Once registration goes live, you’ll be contacted first.

For all the latest information, please visit the Quietus website.

Based on the feedback I’ve been getting, it’s already safe to say that Quietus will take place on the weekend of November 5 and 6.

It’s also very likely that Quietus will have a limit of thirty or forty attendees. I’ll make my decision once I’ve had my meeting with the event organizer. I’m keeping things simple so I don’t wind up stressing myself out when this is meant to be a pleasant, intimate gathering.

The venue will be the idyllic Ramada Ottawa On The Rideau. Note: they’re not taking reservations yet! I’ll be letting everyone know when it’s possible to make hotel reservations.

I recently participated in a hilarious podcast episode of Share a Slice with Sean that featured half of the inimitable absurdist Super Pee Pee Time podcast comedy team, Jeff Mac. There was much merriment.


In conclusion, I close my eyes and I drift away.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

Coconut Atheist trilogy

Kind readers,

I’ve been hard at work on Atheist Tiki Hour. Finally.

To fight my anxiety, impostor syndrome, and procrastination, I devised a note card and writer’s planner reward system that has been working most effectively. The plane hasn’t quite left the runway yet, but takeoff is imminent.

There’s nothing like filling out cards, and nicely organized planners, to make me forget about my worries. “Am I writing crap?” “Someone’s going to read this, I can’t even.” What if this, what if that. The note cards distract me from these crippling thoughts fairly well.

I also had another idea. There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life and Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast are going to be part of a trilogy. The third book will be called Heathen’s Hideaway: Living God Free.

Naturally, I designed a spiffy cover for it.


All three of these books will illustrate my particular brand of atheism, which I’ve termed Coconut Atheism. I write about my joyful atheist life. I’m writing from the point of view of an ex-Christian and an apostate. I don’t go into great detail about why religion doesn’t work, why the so-called holy texts are flawed and nonsensical and contradictory, or about why evolution (for instance) is a fact; there are already many excellent books written on these topics.

My books will be about how my new life as an atheist is simply filled with joy. I write about my deliverance. I write about intellectual and personal freedom, in the sense that my life isn’t dominated by ancient myths, regressive and debilitating and downright cruel “divine” commands, or absurd, thought-stifling woo.

I write about having a finite existence, and how I’m content with that. Much more than that, I’m grateful and at peace and fully alive.

It’s a funny thing, being a primate with a large “oh how it fucks with you” brain. It’s funny and fun. I write about silliness. I write whatever comes to my mind.

I write about sadness, too. I write that it’s okay to be sad. Believers are sad too, and I speak from experience. Atheists don’t need to put up with being told that if only they believed, they’d be happy. Because obviously, atheists are miserable unhappy fucks, right? They “deny” the one true whatever. This is why I write about atheist joy, about the glorious moment of life that we have.

In other news, my new suit is on its way, and there will be asexy photos at some point once it’s arrived.

I recorded a test song with my beautiful Blue Nessie microphone.

I believe I’ll be recording a Roy Orbison song next.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

after all, life is a stage

Kind readers,

I think I’m going to try to update this blog more often, which I hope won’t be too annoying.

So… Here’s the latest.

New desk chair, because ergonomics. I’m sad because I loved my groovy, colorful swivel chair, but what are you gonna do. The new chair is more work-friendly. Fortunately, my cherished kitty Potion adopted it immediately, as well as the rug I bought to keep said chair from rolling away from my desk.


I’ve been messing around with Garage Band, recording test songs for Rubber Clown Car.



For most of my life, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with singing. Perhaps it’s because I feel more comfortable in a quiet room, with a desk and keyboard and pen and paper, than with performing and stages and microphones. Then, there were the messages: “You have a gift and it’s selfish if you don’t use it,” and “Don’t get proud though.” All the while, I’d wonder, Do I suck? (much the same way I do with my writing, but I digress), because it was so easy for me to feel like I wasn’t good enough for anything. When I was young, bullies would become friendly after they heard me sing. In my twenties, I was in a band; in my thirties, I sang in a Byzantine choir. Each time, I’d retreat from singing because I felt such ambivalence about it.

But lately, I’ve thought it’d be fun to croon again, or whatever… And then the Rubber Clown Car collaboration came up. I can sing in a quiet room, record; that’s not so bad. It’s kind of fun, in fact. And hey, if I ever performed again, I would now know to do this wondrous magical thing: have a couple of shots of liquor beforehand.

I’ve also decided to ignore all the buzzing voices inside my head, critical, admonishing voices for the most part; I’m telling them to fuck off, and I’m going to have a good time. I’ll just sing for the heck of it, I’m telling myself, Sure you can do it, and even if it sucks, if it’s maybe acceptable at most, it’s not such a big deal, besides, you look pretty good in a golden tuxedo jacket and that’s half the battle, ain’t it?

And when people do enjoy it, it’s rather nice. Why shortchange myself? It’s not a crime to be proud of what you do, or to have a pleasant time screwing around, and if some people hate my crooning, well, I can’t make everybody happy. I don’t need permission to do this.

I can make myself happy, and maybe a few others too. Not bad!

I’m finding that to sing and write, it’s a good combo. A good balance.

Dirk, the lead singer of Rubber Clown Car, said this: “We’re gonna have to do a record of just you with us backing you!” If that does ever happen, I wouldn’t have a problem with it 🙂

I’ve faced my fears before, I’ve stretched my wings many times. So let’s keep going at it. Who the fuck do I think I am? I’m someone who’s doing my thing, and my thing might even be all right.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor