just walking the earth

Kind readers,

today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Pulp Fiction.

Do I love this film? The answer would be yes.

“I’ll just walk the earth. You know, walk the earth, meet people… get into adventures. Like Caine from Kung Fu.”

I just found out, thanks the the Mighty Internets, that I could get my hands on a most prized object: the Bad Mother Fucker wallet. Now that’s the way one celebrates an anniversary like this.

In other news…

Look at the amazing comic strip that my friend Pat McCuen, creator of The Devil & Mr. Gandhi, did for me (he put me in it!!):

And here I am with the two first fantastic issues, and Pat’s Sampler (filled with goodies):

And here’s a sample of the great stuff you’ll see in issue #2…

I love his work.

In other other news, all seems to indicate that there’s going to be another great Harry Potter convention in 2016! It’s called Leviosa, and it looks like it’s going to be stupendous. I do plan on going.

I’m still very much hoping to hold my own small gathering for introverts, Quietus, in 2016! Perhaps it’ll be in September or October of that year? It’ll probably be more like a meet-up than a straight out convention. We’ll see what happens…

In other other other news, I’ve begun a new writing project. It’s a non-fiction book entitled There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life.

I’m very excited about this book. It’s going to be about my personal journey away from organized religion and Christian dogma (sin, redemption, divine laws, all of that). It’s going to be about joy and freedom, about living in the moment, about living with mystery; about driving along the highway of life, enjoying sunsets and the wind upon one’s face, dealing with potholes and flat tires, and breathing in What Is. It’s going to be about the dignity of simply being human—nothing else required.

I want this book to be available around the holidays. I’m very confident that it will be.

And then, there’s NaNoWriMo just around the corner… I’ll be writing the first draft of my horror/supernatural thriller, Specimen.

Then, it’ll be the turn of Outlaw in the Outer Reaches—I’ll have sketches of the cover illustration for you soon.

So, plenty of good things ahead! I’ll be keeping you abreast of everything 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

my joys, let me tell you them

Kind readers,

June already…

I’ll be getting Outlaw in the Land of Perfection back from my editor in less than a week… It’s happening. The book will be available towards the end of the month, eep!

This is going to be the summer and fall of conventions for me. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever attend so many conventions in one year. All the passes have been obtained, hotel rooms booked, and in one case, plane tickets bought.

In August, I’ll be headed for Flashback Weekend in Chicago. I can’t wait to see horror films at the magnificent Mulvico Rosemont theater, meet more indie writers and artists, make more new friends, and say hello to Mr. Englund again… I’m planning to wear a nice suit at the VIP cocktail party! For a little Krueger flavor, I’ll have a green tie, a red shirt, and Freddy cufflinks 😉 I’ll also be bringing copies of Outlaw with me.

In September, it’ll be Montreal Comic Con, or Montreal HorrorFest to be more precise. Once again, I’ll be most eager to meet independent creators (especially Sv Bell, whom I was unable to find at Ottawa Comic Con due to the immense crowds and confusing booth locations). And I’ll have not one, but three gloves for Mr. Englund to sign…

The Rubie’s Deluxe version, which I added to my Englund collection only last week:

I’m amusing myself with it here… My hand is a bit too small for it!

It’s currently resting on top of my Freddy sweater. That’s how I’ll be displaying it. You might say it’s guarding the sweater.

Then, I’ll have the highly detailed NECA 1984 replica:

And lastly, the NECA Dream Warriors glove, which will be available in July:

So, it took me 30 years to acquire a glove, but soon I’ll have three! It’s an excellent way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Nightmare film, not to mention meeting this gracious man after having dreamed of doing so for such a long time.

I’d thought I’d only do the autograph line once in Montreal, but now, seeing as I’ll have three gloves, I’m prepared to wait more and stand in line three times (it’s only fair… I don’t wait to make other people wait too long! More things: more waiting. Not that I mind!).

In October, I’ll be heading for Monster-Mania in Maryland. Hopefully, I’ll have copies of Specimen ready by then. Not only will I have the chance to take part in yet more horror shenanigans, but I’ll be having lunch and dinner with friends who live in the area, and I’m very happy about this.

During Flashback and Monster-Mania, I’ll be pestering Mr. Englund for his autograph on the following medium-sized posters:

Thank goodness he’s so patient and generous!

All of these will be hanging in a corner of my office, an area I’m calling the Robert Englund Museum 😉

Here are two pieces I’m very fond of:

I’ll also definitely be getting photo ops at each of these conventions, meaning, of course, more signatures… The poor man *laughs* I will be giving him a set of those Freddy Krueger cufflinks, that’s for sure. In Montreal, I’ll sneak some ChocoMotive chocolate mice to him too (ChocoMotive, an incredible chocolate shop in Montebello, recently won an award at the 28th Grand Prix du tourisme Québécois; their chocolate is exquisite).

As I wrote on my other blog, we’re so fortunate that he has such appreciation, respect and affection for fandom culture and fans in general, and his fans in particular.

And he’s just plain adorable. A heart of gold.

This summer, apart from writing like a maniac, I do plan on wandering around the market on a regular basis. Like I did last year, I’ll be filling my basket there with fresh fruit and vegetables, and I’ll be consuming many plates of one of my favorite dishes, the curried chickpeas at Shafali.

Look at the deliciousness… Look at it!

I’m always happy after I’ve had this dish.

Also, I’ll be having plenty of these… Lovingly made coconut bubble tea with chocolate bubbles at Sérénithé. I tell you, it’s so fabulous, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Next week, I’ll be going to the National Arts Center where I’ll have the opportunity to listen to Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 being performed by a live orchestra. I doubt I’ll be able to hold back my tears during the 4th movement, a piece of music I’ve adored ever since I saw A Death in Venice at the ByTowne many moons ago. It’s going to be an incredible experience.

And I’m very much looking forward to the first issue of The Dying Breed, a comic created by my friend E.J. Cedric! It looks like it’s going to be phenomenal.

So, all in all, it’s a wonderful start to the summer season 🙂

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

Ottawa Comic Con 2014 countdown

Kind readers,

this is a week of fabulousness, mercy.

Ottawa Comic Con is now only days away… Eep!!! All I have to do this week is put the finishing touches on my Mr. Confab cosplay. Presents have been bought, and I’m set to die of joy at Robert Englund’s feet 😉

I will also be meeting the wonderful Sv Bell there! I’ll be asking him to sign the two first issues of his fantastic Silverblood comic, and the first issue of Realms of Fear, which I have and which is an unadulterated horror delight.

And I want to say hello to the great Malabar folks… There will be a slew of incredible people at this convention.

To top it off, today I got a box full of treats from a lovely Twitter friend, Bricklayer Bosh, who’s the lead singer of one of the most fun up and coming horror punk bands around! Look at all the goodies!

Note: one of their songs is called “Sinister T-T-T-T-Twinkies!!!”

Click on the image below to listen to all the terrific songs on their EP, “Rise, HWhores, Rise!”:

I’ll be blasting this in the car, I can tell you.

In other news, I’m going to be turned into a zombie by the talented Byron von Rempel… Check out his Kickstarter campaign. You can be turned into a zombie too! I can’t get enough of his drawings.

Speaking of awesome campaigns, support a true champion of indie creators, Patrick J. Russell, by backing his upcoming “dark existential comedy” One Pink Muscle to Go (click on the cover):

I keep meeting the friendliest, most ardent and creative people on Twitter—authors, musicians, artists, filmmakers, enthusiasts, etc—and will be sharing more of their exciting projects in future posts 🙂 For instance, there will be news about an amazing comic book series by E.J. Cedric, The Dying Breed, a film by Crash Palace, Case #5930 —I could go on.

I’ll be starting work on Specimen very soon. I’ve written a number of notes, and the novel will be even more whacked out than I imagined it would be. Fun fun fun! And my editor is polishing up Outlaw in the Land of Perfection even as I write this.

Oh! And my copy of Heartstopper arrived today too. I’ll be watching it tonight or tomorrow!

I almost forgot: I took some self-portraits a few days ago. Author photos, right here…

Aren’t I a groovy little bugger? I’m having a good time, at any rate 😉

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

2014: a very good year

Kind readers,

last night, I finished polishing up my Outlaw manuscript, and it’s now in the hands of my wonderful editor! The book will be published in June or the start of July at the latest.

In other happy news, I recently designed a new bag for myself. It will be accompanying me on my numerous summer and fall adventures… I scanned part of my Freddy sweater, and used the image as the background.

When you have a good bag, you’re ready for anything.

Less than two weeks left until Ottawa Comic Con! My excitement levels are phantasmagorically high.

This summer, I’ll be going to Flashback Weekend in August…

If you live in Chicago and would like to join me for a meal, only ask! I always love meeting people.

In September, I’ll head for Montreal Comic Con.

Then, in October, Monster-Mania, here I come! I’m in Robert Englund heaven, I tell you. I’d like to cosplay Dr. Anton Rudolph (Python) there.

The hotel rooms have been booked, the passes obtained; I only need my plane ticket to Chicago now.

While my editor is working on Outlaw, I’ll be writing the first draft of my first horror/speculative novel, Specimen. I’m going to do my darndest so that it’s ready in time for Monster-Mania. I’m very much looking forward to writing my Dr. Gabriel Foster’s dark tale…

On the trips I told you about above, I’ll be joined by this lovely fellow:

He’s very keen to hit the road with me. He needs some fresh air and a few laughs.

My calf ink has healed beautifully; Mr. Englund looks perfect!

I also recently got this done on the back of my left hand. It’s my ultimate tribute to Willie the Visitor, and to all outsiders and outcasts:

As usual, Tiffany did a magnificent job. I am now a friendly Visitor always.

Stay tuned for a lot of fun times, shenanigans, and outrageousness! This week, I’ll be trimming my Mr. Confab beard… Watch out!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor