Godless Mom’s beautiful review of Hula Girl

Kind readers,

the Non-Conference is less than two weeks away, and I’ve been doing everything I can to relax. So my toy collection has been growing by leaps and bounds 😉

I’ve also been turning into Tweek on a regular basis.

“I can’t take that kind of pressure!! AAH!”

Yesterday, I was left speechless by Godless Mom‘s kind and generous review of There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard. I’m not sure I’ve quite recovered from the shock of it all yet. She’s a wonderful and very active blogger, and I’m so grateful that she was willing to read my scribble. Knowing she enjoyed it the way she did is, I mean, I can barely describe how I feel. Her review of the book is still making my head spin.

You can also read it here: Every Atheist Needs There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard

She then asked me if I’d contacted Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, about the book, and I told her that I had sent him a copy, but that, you know, he’s a busy person and everything… To my astonishment, he joined in our Twitter conversation, and the next thing I knew, he’d shared a link to Godless Mom’s review on his Facebook Page:

You can also find it here: “Sounds like a fascinating book!”

I was extremely touched and encouraged by their support, and if I may ask this, please share the links above far and wide! It would be tremendously helpful, and encourage yours truly more than words can express.

As ever, if you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, a short review on Amazon would make a vital difference; I’d appreciate it a great deal. Thank you so much for your affection and encouragement! I’ll say it again: I couldn’t do this without you. I’ve had trouble focusing on my next book, what with the Non-Conference being so near, but I will be plunging in Atheist Tiki Hour after the conference…

Okay, goodness, I need a nice cool beverage, a snack of some kind, and a nap! I’m overwhelmed.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor