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Kind readers,

August already. I do, however, love this time of year. August is slow and quiet and lush, summer at its height with the first hints of autumn in the air…

This weekend, I’ll be working on the second edit of Atheist Tiki Hour. Then I’ll send the book to Atheist Republic next week.

*chewing on hands*

A lot of atheist books focus on the history of religion, analyze Biblical contradictions and inaccuracies, knock down creationism, and so on, and they do so very well. I have many of those books; they’re vital. My own books focus more on religion as abusive in nature, religious faith as a relationship with an abuser. I share my own experiences to highlight this reality, and in Tiki Hour I write about how my exposure to domestic violence and the post-traumatic stress disorder I’ve suffered as a result made me extremely susceptible to the poisoned apple of faith. I write about the vulnerable, idealistic, tender-hearted believer who was traumatized into belief, as it were. It’s an awareness campaign.

I also write about the vibrant joy of godless living.

In other news, Quietus 2016!

Open old book

The room block is all set, and attendees can now make their reservations.

Also, I’m thrilled to announce our first amazing guests.

Lorrie Kim will be giving a lecture and signing copies of her beautiful and insightful brand new book:


On Sunday afternoon, talented musician and song writer Errand of Mercy will be performing gentle Snape inspired acoustic songs for us. She’ll also have copies of her gorgeous CD.


Quietus is set to be a special intimate gathering, which gives me a great deal of happiness.

As soon as Tiki Hour is wrapped up, I’ll start working on these books:


The story of how Logospilgrim’s ideas about Professor Snape helped her
adjust and evolve as she went through a series of life-altering changes.

I hope to have this book ready in time for Quietus, but we’ll see! I will be rambling on Saturday afternoon.

antique toy on white background  - boy driving tricycle

Eat penny candy while sitting on the sidewalk, and do your own damn thing.

Be your kind of happy.

Needless to say, I’ll be letting you know when Atheist Tiki Hour is released as soon as I have that information.

Otherwise, I’m relaxing, enjoying tranquil summer days, and adding more toys to my collection.

I hope you’re having a marvelous summer too.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor

unrepentant tomboy

Kind readers,

I’m behind on my writing schedule, but I’ve been getting plenty of much needed rest, it seems.

Autumn has been amazing here so far, which is nice after the few exhausting winters we’ve had up here.

Yesterday, I wrote an introductory post on Livejournal because of the friending that’s been going on over there this week. Go take a look here if you’d like to read about my life in a nutshell: allow myself to introduce… myself

Oh, and here’s a lovely photo of my Red Holiday Cup of Evil! Very nice mug, by the way.

And hey, I got some nice matching underwear.

Apart from Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast, I’ll be working on another writing project this fall/winter. An idea suddenly came to me, and it was much too irresistible to ignore. I designed a book cover the very next morning and I’m in love with this book already.

Here is it:

This captures the essence of the book: “Eat penny candy while sitting on the sidewalk, and do your own damn thing. Be your kind of happy.”

I even designed a t-shirt to celebrate what this book will be about! I made it ultra colorful and gave it a 70s vibe. Click on the picture if you’d like to get one:

I got one for myself, and I’ll be taking a picture for you of me wearing it 🙂

This is going to be the first time that I write a book for the fun of it, to make myself happy. Not to do something useful or helpful or whatever else… I want to write for my own pleasure. If readers enjoy it too, well that’ll be the cherry on the sunday, as the saying goes. I’ll be writing the whole thing by hand in silly notebooks (I got a pile of them yesterday, with covers that have sparkly candy illustrations—perfect!); then I’ll type up the manuscript.

I’ve been writing by hand a lot more these days, in journals and such like, and I find it extremely relaxing. My collection of 7 Year Pens has been steadily increasing.

I continue to collect toys and I’m enjoying it more than ever. Toys are made of happy. There will be new photos of my writing refuge soon. I’ve begun referring to it as “my fort”.

Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care!

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor