my CFI talk

Kind readers,

when I gave my talk at the Center For Inquiry in Ottawa last October, it was videotaped by the kind fellows at Atheism TV, and the video is now available. There was a problem with the sound, and since I speak softly, that’s not good, but the entire video has been captioned. There are many moments when you can hear me fairly well…

Here I am in action for you. I normally don’t do Q&As, so if you’ve ever wanted to see me stammering like hell doing one of these, now’s your big chance 😉

I ramble, I laugh, I wave my hands around.

In other news, life is ultra quiet. I’ve been wanting and needing to have it that way. I’m working on my books. I’m staying close to home. I’m grateful for autumn and the hint of winter we’ve been feeling in the air.

In other other news, I’ve begun collecting Wacky Packages trading cards.


Booyah! This is very much in the vein of Unrepentant Tomboy.

I also got this Wacky Packages eraser. Hee.


Oh, and I’m writing Tiki Hour with this fabulous pen here:


So, there you go… Your latest dose of apostasy and fun.

Your devoted
Logospilgrim, the quiet professor