Upcoming Titles

Cafe Sign and Old Car on Route 66

Autumn 2017

Hit the Road and Be Who You Are

Get behind the wheel and travel on freedom highway with Logospilgrim!

Winter/Spring 2018

Severus Snape and the Art of Being Human

The story of how Logospilgrim’s ideas about Professor Snape helped her
adjust and evolve as she went through a series of life-altering changes.

Written from a secular humanist perspective.

Summer/Autumn 2018

The Rollicking Adventures of an Unrepentant Tomboy

Eat penny candy while sitting on the sidewalk, and do your own damn thing.

Be your kind of happy.


Winter 2019

Heathen’s Hideaway: Living God Free

Exactly what it says on the tin.

(no idea, we’ll see—it’s on the roster)


A dark tale featuring the heartbroken Dr. Gabriel Foster.