saucy and snazzy

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

So I’ve had a lot going on.

Dealt with an ear problem (after weeks of misery, I made an appointment to see my doctor). The combination of narrow, twisted ear canals and eczema is no joke. But the situation is much better now.

I did celebrate my 49th birthday splendidly, though. And took self-portraits to mark the occasion. I wore the disco dress.







Genderqueer, baby.

I’ve been very busy with my Patreon. Membership is steadily growing, which makes me intensely happy. Patreon has contributed to my life like nothing else since I began writing and independently publishing my work. I’m profoundly grateful to my Patreon members who make me feel like a million bucks and fill my creative tank to overflowing.

I’m creating zines and drawing again (messy drawings, which is new for me, but it feels good); if you’d like access to my zines, exclusive blog posts, and special editions of my books, become a member.



(detail of the photograph included in issue #1 of my zine, Stay Home Vagabond, in which I magnify and revel in my humanity)


I was also interviewed by the fabulous and lovely Lauren Hippenstiel; the interview is available on her blog, You can read it here, and while you’re at it, take a look at her fantastic review of Rascal: A Manifesto (buy your copy today and review it on

Right now, I’m working on Wolfgang Booklet Two, and Masterful: Severus Snape, a Jar of Cockroaches, and Me. I’ll be doing a photo session for the author portrait that’ll go on the back cover of the latter very soon. Watch out! It’s going to sizzle.

Masterful is a phenomenally cathartic book. Writing it is so satisfying.

Here’s a “speak your mind” tea cup and saucer crafted by Miss Havisham’s Curiosities that captures the spirit of said book:


No, I don’t put up with crap anymore. It’s healthy; I recommend it.

A couple of months ago or so, I had fun taking more Mozart portraits. I got a red velvet coat and snapped away (at some point in the coming months, I’ll be doing this with the red 18h century style Mozart costume).

Note: my Wolfgang story is going to be so wild. And semi-autobiographical in a totally fantastic sense.






Mozart upon waking, velvet coat in strategic disarray. I’m cheeky these days. I’m sure Wolfgang would appreciate. Leck mich im Arsch, rawr.




Let me tell you, life is good right now. I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been. And I’m taking excellent care of myself.

I’m really enjoying my violin classes, by the way. I’m currently learning (or should I say re-learning) Bach’s Minuet No. 2.

More photos soon! Green polyester shirt, opened Snape coat, a mass of silver bling.

Say cheese.



Wolfgang, O my fount of pleasure

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

Yesterday, I published the first Wolfgang booklet, a special edition for my Patreon members, and I couldn’t be happier.


I have been sucked into the story head first, and the delight it’s been giving me is beyond description. I’ve never had so much fun, tasted such pleasure, working on a story. This story encompasses everything I love, everything that makes me happy and interests me, everything that’s affected me and sustained me in my life. I’ll touch upon subjects that are of great relevance to me, such as the arts, creativity, religious emancipation, self-empowerment. I’ll write about sensuality, decadence, Baroque treasures, Vienna, romance, sacrilege, and celebrating earthly existence.

The characters in this book, and their relationships, will embody my personal struggles and triumphs.

Here’s the blurb for my Wolfgang booklets:

“What need have I of an otherworldly paradise: his music is my heaven.” In this daring supernatural tale of love and emancipation, 18th century composers Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are confronted by a startling new reality that will change the course of their lives. Only by embracing the challenges that lie ahead, only by crossing the forbidden boundary that separates the ordinary world from a secret, passionate realm will they experience joys undreamed of by most mortals and attain ultimate fulfillment.

The regular edition of this booklet will be available to everyone once the second booklet is published for Patreon members. Readers will be able to purchase a copy via a direct access lulu link. Whoever wishes to obtain a copy via different means should contact me, and I’ll do my best to set up alternatives for them.

You can become a member of my Patreon for only twelve dollars a year.

Mozart has been filling my heart and days with joy. So much so that I’ll be taking violin lessons again, starting next week.


When I opened this case again for the first time in a very long time, my eyes watered. Tears were shed. I began learning when I was around eighteen, and then life intervened; this was the case again when I was in my mid-thirties; but third time’s the charm, right? This has always been my favorite instrument. Nothing beats the violin. And I will play it.

I’m also learning Deutsch auch, because what Wolfgang wants, Wolfgang gets, ja?

The Mozart who’s now residing, who’s now firmly ensconced in my head has also been clamoring for Viennese pork schnitzel and sauerkraut, and he will be getting them.

Along with writing this story, I’ve been taking wig test shots, which has been yet more tremendous fun for me. The photo sessions I’ll be doing in the future will be, in essence, Mozartian author portraits.

In these photos, I was wearing the “if I could pick Mozart’s wigs” blue-grey wig.






While I’m waiting for the incredible red Mozart suit my talented friend Nezumi is making for me, I’ll be experimenting with more wigs (I have a stack of them), and white shirts, and a red velvet robe (which will look especially fetching with my white, traditional 18th century style wig).

I also had fun creating the first issue of my ultra low-tech zine, Stay Home Vagabond, for my Patreon members. Stapling the two photocopied pages together was fabulously, viscerally enjoyable.

I’ve been doing better these days than I have in years. I feel good. I feel happy.

Yesterday, Mr P and I went to a local flea market, and it was fantastic. I got my hands on cherished records, such as Donna Summer’s Love to Love You Baby, and K-Tel’s 1977 Palmares Comique—an absolute treasure that is Québécois au boutte, ostie.


And, wonder of wonders, both records are clean, no skipping. I have rescued historical jewels, and I intend to care for them as such.

More flea markets adventures will be happening this summer.

Incidentally, there was a glorious 70s-esque aura to our flea market expedition. Total environment bliss. There was a vibe to the place that pushed all the right buttons. At one point, I bought a really neat sun/moon necklace with wooden beads. The man at the table told me that his daughter (whom I’d spoken to not long after Mr P arrived at the flea market and began exploring) wasn’t there, she’d gone to get herself some fries. But he took the price tag off the necklace and said (in French), “Turn around, I’ll put it around your neck,” what was left of his cigarette tucked in the corner of his mouth as he did so, and it was just so damn awesome. I was in my element.

Live your life.

Say cheese.


Underworld Amusements and other news

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

I’m working on a number of writing projects (as usual), and there will be new portraits soon.

It’s with a tremendous amount of joy and pride that I make the following announcement: Rascal: A Manifesto is now available on the website of the excellent small press Underworld Amusements.


Underworld Amusements publisher Kevin I. Slaughter is a fantastic individual and I can’t thank him enough for adding my book to the unique selection of devious titles on his website. While you grab a copy of Rascal, do add a few more books to your cart! You won’t regret it.

I haven’t been using the new platform MeWe as much as I thought I would, because for some reason it’s messing up my browser and slowing down my computer. So… I’m here, on Patreon (become a member for twelve dollars a year—buy me a couple of drinks—and have access to an increasing number of exclusive goodies, such as an upcoming blog post about the joy of using real dictionaries), Twitter, and Instagram.

In other news, I’m looking forward to contributing to upcoming Reprobate publications. Have you gotten your copy of Satan Superstar yet?


My next book, as I’ve previously mentioned, will be my ode to solitude and how I revel in indulging my solitary disposition:

Old canvas book cover

And this summer, my focus will be this book, and it’s going to be a deliciously nasty project. I drew inspiration for the cover from one of my favorite films, The Neon Demon.

Green Crocodile Alien Skin Dinosaur Reptile Leather Texture Pattern Background

Masterful will be like a decadent perfume celebrating the vital self. A rejection of herd thinking, an affirmation of the self-sufficient outsider. I’ll write about why Severus Snape is distrusted by many (and why there is no reason for him to give a rat’s ass about this), about the nature of his distinctive power, a power that made him an unparalleled pivotal figure in Rowling’s universe. Oh, and he wasn’t Dumbledore’s.

My Patreon members will be getting a special edition of this book, with extra content.

After Masterful comes out, I’ll be retiring the first two books of essays I wrote about him.

Say cheese.


Satan Superstar, Cork Board, zines

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

The other day, I received my copy of the magnificent Satan Superstar, published by The Reprobate.

Here I am, opulently posing with it:




It’s limited to 666 copies, so get yours while you still can: Satan Superstar

This lavish publication is filled with wild, fascinating articles from start to finish. It includes my own extravagant article, Golden Idol.

I will be participating in more projects published by The Reprobate, which is a huge thrill.

And here is the cover of my April Patreon exclusive booklet, Cork Board:


I had a blast writing it, and I’m already looking forward to writing this month’s exclusive Patron booklet.

Today, I’m working on my latest book, Reveries of an Improper Solitudinarian, and on my first zine, Stay Home Vagabond #1. I want my zines to be as low-tech as possible, plain black and white photocopies with some colors added by hand, and I must say that this project is an absolute pleasure to me. Stay Home Vagabond will contain handwritten material, as well as artwork.

This spring is so much better than last spring, fuck. In every way.

And my new lair room is a constant source of delight to me.

Say cheese.


exclusive Patreon booklets, MeWe, spring

Welcome to the fondue party, fellow mavericks.

I’m a page away from completing the April exclusive Patreon booklet Cork Board. These booklets, written in the same vein as Corner Store Epiphany, will only be available to my valued Patreon members.

In these booklets, I’ll write distinctive, vibrant, upbeat stories of survival. I’ll write about how I fought through difficulties, and how I came out on top. About how you can prevail in your own unique way as well. These Patreon booklets will be a buoyant celebration of this life.

Patreon members are getting new rewards, such as my artwork (copies or originals, depending on the membership tier).

The second and third tiers now have a limited membership. The numbers I set may be reduced as I determine what’s manageable.

It’s finally starting to warm up around here, and spring is in the air. Everything is much better than it was last year at this time, I can tell you that. The weather, life in general.

Warmer days will yield new self-portraits.

Yesterday, I joined a fantastic new platform, MeWe.

It’s like a mashup of Twitter and FB, though much more fabulous.

MeWe respects its users’ chosen identity (I’m not “less authentic” there because I prefer using a name that’s not my “real” name), its users’ privacy. It’s desktop friendly, unlike Instagram. It doesn’t censor content the way Twitter and FB do—especially the latter.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I absolutely despise everything about FB. That platform continually reveals itself as utter garbage, and its creator is a lying prick. FB is horrible; it’s always been horrible. I’m thrilled that the younger generation is actively shunning it and its constraints. FB’s gaping maws won’t devour the Internet after all, or wholly succeed in turning it into a dull as shit strip mall where everybody loads their cart with the same “safe,” cookie-cutter, consumer-friendly tripe; a virtual seigneurie where admittance requires you to become an exploitable vassal (Zuckerberg essentially fucking admitted as such). Twitter is fine as long as you avoid much of it (the mob scenes in particular) and don’t suddenly do something it doesn’t like (because of ill-defined, variable reasons). At least Twitter is wilder than FB. But then, anything would be wilder than FB, the mildewed high school yearbook of the Internet. The chaperoned office “party” of the Internet. The obligatory family reunion with people you barely remember of the Internet. The “acceptable,” mandatory uniform Internet. The monitored, take you by the hand Internet.

MeWe is also better than LJ, in my opinion. LJ is another time, long long ago. Another mindset. I’ve moved on from that.

Trailblazers, independently-minded people, eccentrics, join me on MeWe:

Unlike what I’ve done in the past on other platforms, I plan to limit how many contacts I’ll accept on MeWe. Nowadays, I respect myself, my time, my skills, and I prioritize.

In other news, I’ll have photos of my Satan Superstar article soon; my copies are on their way to my mailbox. What a pleasure and honor it was to participate in this project.

Say cheese.


new lair

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, after weeks of planning, shopping expeditions, and work, I now have a brand-new lair and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m all set for a grand year of writing and creating.

After the tumult and mayhem and exhaustion of the past year and a half, this feels like a blissful breath of fresh air.

Mr P and I are now utilizing the bedroom half of the house to its full advantage. We’re ecstatic about the improvements we’ve made; we just spent three days celebrating with delicious food, cake, and wine, and a lot of recuperation and basking in what we’ve done in our home.

I shared photos of my new space on my Patreon first, and now I’m going to share a few of those photographs with you.

I’d drawn rough plans of what the room would look like with the furniture in it and so on, but I underestimated just how spacious it would be once everything was arranged and set up in here.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

My work area is no longer a cramped corner. I can move freely about the room. It’s amazing.

I’ve been very selective about what I wanted to put on the walls as far as pictures go. I chose some of my very favorite images, some of my most cherished mementos. I put a few of my frames in the hallway, but about 90% of what was on the walls in my old lair will end up in albums, or be given away.

Because one of the walls is taken up by windows, and another by closets in the new lair, when it came to wall space I gave priority to toys, vintage images and items, and a few photographic treasures. There’s one picture of me dressed as Professor Snape, another as Charlie Chaplin, and a third as Pee-wee Herman. I’ll probably end up putting a fourth costume portrait somewhere—when I do Mozart.

Yesterday, I ordered a small vintage Holly Hobbie plate for the new lair… It delights me for reasons that will, I imagine, be self-explanatory:


There are also some vintage Ziggy collectibles on the way. Such as this small porcelain box:


As I said, I’m giving precedence to things that give me joy, and 70s collectibles are high up the list.


The 70s rule.

Without further ado, scenes from my new lair.








As you can see, much more space. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it.

I also love sitting next to a window like that. A smorgasbord of writing and treats in store for my Patreon patrons this year. Books, special editions, macramé wall-hangings, cosplay photos, self-portraits, newsletters, doodles…


Third tier patrons will get all the books, newsletters, original photographs, macramé, reproductions of artwork, original artwork. Second tier patrons will get newsletters, original photographs, access to all the special editions, reproductions of artwork. First tier patrons will have access to all my Patreon blog posts (as do the second and third tier patrons), and access to all the special editions.

I want to write more volumes like The Corner Store Epiphany, which will only be available to patrons.

Speaking of books, here are more positive words about my pride and joy, Rascal: A Manifesto.


And a review by The Free Thought Prophet:


So, all in all, it’s an excellent damn start to the spring over here.

I’m writing, I’m drawing again, I’m relaxing, I’m giving total precedence to what is most important and vital to me: creating, loved ones, quiet times, solitude, familiar places, my home and well-being.

Say cheese.


staying put and brainstorming

Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, the “relocation to an old house in the country” project didn’t pan out, for various reasons (become one of my Patreon members for a dollar a month and get more details).

But it was for the best, so Mr P and I are doing very well.

We’ve brainstormed a bunch of home improvement ideas, the vast majority of which involve our indoors environment (what a shock). Most of these ideas will result in minor changes here and there, and there’s going to be some cleaning (especially the basement, which will soon be the home of a Body Opponent Bag for exercise, a beneficial surge of endorphins, and therapeutic stress release. And Krav Maga practice).

The main change will involve a room switch. It’ll be a much better use of space on the left side of the house, where the bedrooms are.

I’m going to move my room into the master bedroom, and Mr P will have his bedroom in what is now my room. He’ll have more storage space for his books and collections (he’ll inherit a number of my bookcases), and therefore more space in his office/tv room, and I’ll have much more space to move around in my new lair. I’ll lose some wall space because of a large window and big closets, but I don’t mind. I’ll use my wall space for shelves and a careful selection of my favorite pictures (95% of the pictures on my walls won’t be in my new lair).

The sorting and cleaning will do me immense good. If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s organizing things. I’ll be going to IKEA to get four new bookcases (mostly for my toy collection); I’ve meticulously measured and mapped out where everything will go in my new lair. It’s going to be awesome.

My Patreon members will see in-progress photos as well as photos of the finished room before I share (some) of these photos anywhere else.

So it’s all working out for the best. We’ve lived here for a long time, and it’s worked very well for us. It’s not a house in the country, but it’s close enough. Everything we love and need is nearby, and it’s so much less complicated this way.

In addition, my ability to tolerate stress has pretty much become next to non-existent.

Some of the changes I’ll be making will enable me to turn the living room into a temporary guest room, something that was really important to me (I have one very specific person in mind). We also plan to turn half of the closet space in my new lair into a tiny powder room (I saw this really neat toilet that has a sink on top of the tank; it takes next to no space).

Mr P and I will also be getting noise reducing headphones. We’re extremely quiet people, and although we live in a quiet neighbourhood, there’s more activity in the summertime now and then, as is the case in most places (kids playing baseball, that sort of thing)—but with noise reducing headphones, we won’t notice.

We’re both excited about our room switch project, and all the little changes we discussed will give us immense delight.

And we’re more united than ever.

As soon as I’m settled in my new room, I’ll be happily writing my days away. Stay tuned.

Say cheese.



Welcome to the fondue party, everyone.

Well, I’ve had a lot on my mind these past few weeks.

It involves a possible unexpected move to a house in the country, an hour from here.

It’s been difficult for me to focus on anything else, as you can probably imagine. There are a lot of “ifs” and “maybes” still, and we’ll have a better idea in a few weeks if this indeed happens or not. Offer, clauses, inspection, etc.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a fabulous photo of 70s décor.


Say cheese.