I’ve dared to be everything I was forbidden from being, everything I was warned against being. I am my sole master, I have crowned my own head: I am my kingdom.

I am of this world.

~ Rascal: A Manifesto


I’m a prolific writer, a lifelong student of mysteries, an artist and photographer, and a professional tarot reader. I’m keenly empathic, unconventional, and imaginative.

I have a degree in Religious Studies.

I don’t see the cards as a divination tool per se; they’re only predictive in the sense that if one becomes aware of one’s current state of mind/being, one will be more in touch with tomorrow’s possibilities.

I love the art/symbolism/philosophy/psychology of the tarot. My introverted temperament, my sharp sense of observation (PTSD plays into this to some extent), my innate ability to draw parallels, my artistic nature, my sensitivity and vast life experience: all of this makes me highly intuitive.



one card readings — 10.00

three card readings — 20.00

twelve card Cauldron readings — 50.00

I do these readings via email. I book a limited number of readings per week. Contact me with your question and I’ll reply with a donation link, and then send you a detailed reading. If I’m fully booked for that week, I can schedule a reading the following week.

I don’t book the same client more than twice a month.

Note: I give priority to my Patreon members.

If you live in the Outaouais region in Quebec, Canada, you can make an appointment for a live reading (I need a two day notice at minimum).

one hour session, twelve card Cauldron readings — 60.00


I have many decks in my collection, but my favorite, and the one I normally use for readings, is the Morgan-Greer tarot. That deck really speaks to me.

I don’t use reversed cards. In my opinion, they make a reading’s aesthetics ugly, and “reversed” meanings are already present in the tarot’s upright cards.


Disclaimer: tarot readings are not meant to replace professional health treatment. For personal growth/self-help and entertainment purposes only.