LP is a gifted tarot reader and doll witch with more than thirty years of experience in the magical arts.

She is is a lifelong student of mysteries, an artist, writer, and photographer. She is empathic, unconventional, imaginative.

She has a degree in Religious Studies from Ottawa U.

She owns a large collection of cherished tarot decks, though she favors the Nicoletta Ceccoli deck. She has a passionate love for the art/symbolism/philosophy/psychology of the tarot. Her introverted temperament, her sharp sense of observation, her innate ability to draw parallels, her artistic nature, her attuned sensitivity: all of this, as well as supranormal ability, makes her a profoundly empathetic, highly intuitive, and uncannily perceptive oracle.

During her readings, she is assisted by her benevolent vintage dolls Lola and Mimi.

Her sessions are like a serene and refreshing spa treatment for the mind/emotions: soothing, empowering, joyful! LP is there to listen to you and help you make the most of your life.

She will be one of the exhibitors at the 2024 Metaphysical and Spiritual Show in Ottawa (organized by the fine folks who own the Crystal Dreams Boutique).

Tarot and Magical Services


*in person sessions at LP’s witch house, or house call visits, English/Français*

Classic Session (30 min) ~ 50$ suggested lucky offering to Lola or Mimi

A tailored reading that involves 5 or 6 cards, depending upon the spread that best suits your needs.

Deluxe Session (60 min) ~ 80$ suggested lucky offering to Lola or Mimi

This more detailed and in-depth reading involves LP’s own 12 card Cauldron Spread and tailored candle magic.

Royal Session (90 min) ~ 120$ suggested lucky offering to Lola or Mimi

Full session involving LP’s powerful 15 card Cauldron Spread, as well as advanced, tailored candle/herb magic.

For more information and to book an appointment, contact LP.

Magical services include: special candles, herbs, elixirs, talismans, house protection rituals.

Disclaimer: tarot readings and magical rituals are not meant to replace professional health treatments etc. For personal growth/self-help and entertainment purposes only.