Rascal: A Manifesto

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“To reclaim yourself: this is excellent greed.” “It’s quite possible not to forgive and to move on.” “Happiness often requires a great deal of effrontery.” “Forgiveness isn’t a cure-all.” “Love yourself enough that it’s too much for those who would drain you. Be a scandal.” In her latest book, Rascal: A Manifesto, author and maverick Logospilgrim takes her readers on a tour of the so-called seven deadly sins and shares her thoughts on the power each of these “vices” has to liberate the mind, heart, and senses. Be an individual, own yourself, love yourself! Break your shackles and claim your earthly life.


There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life

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In There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life, writer, lecturer, and maverick Logospilgrim candidly shares the remarkable and passionate journey that took her from religious belief to secular humanism.

Atheist Tiki Hour: Your Guide to a Secular Blast

Published by Atheist Republic

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The reader and Logospilgrim are in a bar, and there’s sad stories… but much merriment too.

The Rollicking Adventures of an Unrepentant Tomboy


Eat penny candy while sitting on the sidewalk, and do your own damn thing. Be your kind of happy.


Outlaw in the Land of Perfection (#1 in the Outlaw series)

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A tormented, passionate woman with one piercing grey eye, Kristopher Silverheart is a major thorn in the side of the Elect, Earth’s increasingly oppressive religious rulers.  Once one of their own, she is now an Outcast, one of the Fallen, someone who has strayed from the Just Path and must either repent or be destroyed. Unbowed and undaunted, Silverheart captains a band of Outlaws who make regular forays from their refuge on the planet Hafwei to liberate as many Outcasts as they can from persecution, imprisonment and death.

Constantly by Silverheart’s side is the beautiful and ethereal Heaven, her beloved companion, with whom she has a mysterious and unbreakable bond. When Heaven is kidnapped, Silverheart embarks on a reckless solo rescue mission into the heart of the enemy’s stronghold to bring her back.

In the first book, Silverheart is a kind of vague theist, but the series will progressively take her from a mystical outlook to an atheistic (albeit magical) one.

Sneak peek at the illustration that will grace the cover of the second book, Outlaw in the Outer Reaches




A dark tale featuring the heartbroken Dr. Gabriel Foster.

This is when I began, slowly but surely, to move away from Judeo-Christianity and all other humanity-denying claptrap:

I wrote in Blessed: How to be a Joyful Mystic that I believed in Mystery. And I still do, more than ever in fact. But do I believe in the existence of a Judeo-Christian type of parental creator god? Not anymore. Life after death? If something occurs, I don’t know what it is (though I definitely don’t believe in hell or heaven). I’m satisfied with this. I don’t see any point in worrying about it.

I’m just filled with joy and wonder. Life: what a ride! What an amazing thing it is. This is my definition of mysticism: being captivated by life. Wearing silly socks. Laughing with loved ones. Gazing at the sky. Holding a dried leaf and smelling its earthy odor. Learning. Discovery.

~Logospilgrim, November 9th 2014

I’m an atheist now. I don’t believe there’s anything after death, and that’s fine. Life is more than enough. I’m enough. Life is magical exactly as it is.

Me and abusive bullshit: